Extended Visibility and Compliance Ensure the status of your devices and meet audit compliance goals.

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Knowledge equals power in security and compliance.

The ability to monitor and maintain saliency into the most critical network and system processes — including user activity — helps organizations meet their endpoint compliance and regulatory and auditing programs and goals.

Simply put: maintaining visibility is critical to managing endpoint security.

Yet, power without perception is of little use when attempting to mitigate risk through device hardening or remediating devices if there are limited details as to what actually happened and which devices are affected. Lacking visibility to the extent of the remediation that is needed is a surefire way to fall out of compliance and open the door to security troubles.


Mac Endpoint Protection for Beginners

Learn what Mac-focused endpoint protection means, its capabilities and how to best protect your fleet.

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Gain deep understanding of device health.

Using Jamf for real-time visibility delivers:

  • Device insight to quickly triage or perform remediation of devices.
  • Alignment with Apple’s Endpoint Security Framework to provide maximum visibility while minimizing the impact on device resources.
  • Customized analytics to automate data gathering and analysis to suit your unique needs and requirements.
  • Integration with Jamf products and third-party applications to provide expanded functionality, such as streaming logging data to your SIEM solution or incorporating data into visual dashboards.
Jamf cloud provides security for a Mac computer.

Create a strong foundation for compliance management.

Using Jamf for managing compliance delivers:

  • Device-hardening benchmark enforcement and monitoring compliant with the Center for Internet Security (CIS), NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171 and the DISA STIG guidelines.
  • MacOS security compliance. Baselines monitoring to quickly flag any deviations to macOS hardening baselines, based on CIS, NIST and DISA Benchmarks-- ensuring your organization’s Mac fleet meets minimum protection guidelines.
  • End-user education to guide them back to security training, guidelines or company policies when an alert is triggered.
  • Security compliance software for Mac. Create custom policies targeting groups to receive remediation actions, such as updating apps, install missing patches and/or reconfigure settings, driving devices back into compliance.
Jamf cloud updates security database using data from Apple devices.

Detailed reporting leads to actionable data.

Using Jamf for reporting delivers:

  • Real-time data and granular insights into Apple device health and activities.
  • Active monitoring and unified log forwarding to your SIEM solution.
  • Automated data gathering of files, configuration settings, or logs from a device — regardless of device location.
  • Ability to curate audit data captured through Jamf to gain deeper visibility into devices and minimize non-compliance with company policies, commercial and government regulations.