Zero-touch device deployment Go from shrink-wrapped to immediately productive.

Wrapped Apple devices receiving deployment from the cloud.

Automate device enrollment and deployment for users.

Implementing a zero-touch deployment strategy means successfully deploying Apple hardware — Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV — by the dozens, hundreds or even thousands without IT ever having to touch the device.

This has never been more important. With mobile transformation creating hybrid, remote and global workforces, zero-touch deployment is no longer a perk. It’s a business-critical function. Thankfully, Jamf seamlessly integrates with Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager to automatically deploy Apple devices directly to users — configured with settings, security controls, apps and books. Apple device setup has never been easier.

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Automated Device Deployment

To get started with zero-touch deployments, you must do three things:

  1. Prepare by configuring your enrollment processes with your mobile device management system (MDM) and Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager.
  2. Purchase your Apple hardware and assign the devices to the user as determined by their identity credentials.
  3. Deploy Apple hardware directly to the user — shrink wrap and all — and, when unboxed and powered on, the device automatically enrolls into your organization's MDM system. The user has everything they need to be productive. Apps and books can also be sourced, purchased and deployed directly to users.


Zero-Touch Apple Device Deployments for Beginners

In this e-book learn everything you need to know on how to efficiently deploy Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV using Apple’s deployment programs.

A user connected to a Mac computer and the cloud.

BYOD User Enrollment

Personally-owned devices can be enrolled with User Enrollment, which is designed to keep corporate data safe while protecting users’ privacy. User Enrollment keeps personal and institutional data separate by associating a personal Apple ID with personal data and a Managed Apple ID with corporate data: allowing for limited management of devices using a set of configurations associated with the user, not the entire device.

An account is provisioned on Mac, iPad and iPhone.

Account provisioning with cloud identity

Provision devices with business-critical applications needed to be productive based solely on an employee’s cloud-identity credentials. Users will enjoy a seamless experience when accessing their device with passwordless authentication and applications with a single password that is synchronized down to the local-account level, even when the password is changed— keeping employees on task. And with multi-factor authentication enabled for every login, rest easy knowing the right person is accessing the machine and resources.

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