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Zero-Touch Deployment From shrink-wrapped to ready-to-roll.

Automate it all without lifting a finger.

Zero touch means

You can set up and configure Apple devices without touching a single one.

Serving today's global hybrid and remote workforces now requires your Apple deployment program to allow for zero-touch deployment. With Jamf’s seamless integration with Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager, you can manage and secure devices in a snap with zero-touch deployment.

What is zero touch?

It's exactly what it sounds like: zero touch is deploying devices, apps, updates and permissions to multiple devices from one central location.

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Automate it all with zero-touch deployment.

No matter whose device it is.

Combine Apple’s Automated Device Enrollment with Jamf to automatically manage and secure work or school devices. Zero-touch configuration offers a seamless onboarding experience with individually pre-configured devices straight out of the box.

Even for BYOD users, who have the same experience with their own devices. With zero-touch deployment, Jamf ensures that staff has access to corporate data while still protecting their privacy.

Make it personal.

Provision accounts based on the user.

Based on a user's cloud identity role and permissions, IT can load devices with exactly what employees need using Smart Groups and identity-based access. A seamless user experience with a single set of credentials, it’s always secure with multi-factor authentication.

Account provisioning and Self Service (a vetted app catalog) remove work for IT and complexity for users— another way to enjoy a zero-touch experience.

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