Jamf Connect Streamline Mac authentication and identity management.

Simplify the user experience...

...while eliminating support challenges for IT.

Mobile workforces require freedom from binding to on-premise Active Directories. With Jamf Connect, a user can unbox their Mac, power it on and access all of their corporate applications after signing on with a single set of cloud-identity credentials.

Why Jamf Connect?

Account Creation. Create secure accounts that get users up and running immediately with a single cloud identity based on their Okta, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, PingFederate or OneLogin credentials. The ability to access the device and applications from initial setup to day-to-day use provides a better and more secure zero-touch deployment experience.

Modern Authentication. Employees accessing corporate information and resources from anywhere can allow sensitive data to get into the wrong hands. With multi-factor authentication, admins can rest easy knowing it’s the right person on the right device.

Mac Password Sync. Sync Mac passwords across all devices and all applications with a single identity that unlocks the resources employees need to stay productive.

Reimagine user access with passwordless Mac authentication.

Jamf Unlock helps admins and security teams keep a remote and hybrid workforce secure and protected while providing a seamless end-user experience.

There are a number of ways that passwords can create security holes. Server breaches can expose passwords; users can inadvertently expose their passwords due to a phishing attack. But implementing strong password policies can create user friction, and many organizations don't have the time or budget to implement a smart card system.

Passwordless authentication is a way to bypass these security issues entirely.

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Jamf Connect

Account provisioning and authentication
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