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Training and Professional Development

Designed to increase your IT team's proficiency.

A unique approach to training.

Become more valuable to your organization.

Jamf’s training is not your typical lecture-based experience. Coupling instructors with real-world Jamf Pro expertise and a hands-on approach to teaching ensures you leave with the know-how to succeed with the Apple platform. You will be more valuable to your organization because you will spend less time figuring out how to accomplish a management task and more time actually tackling it.

IT Professionals first, Instructors second

All Jamf instructors come from the field. They are not simply software trainers; they have practical experience with Jamf Pro.

Interactive instruction

The training courses are hands-on, interactive, and discussion based, so you can actually apply your learnings to Jamf Pro in your environment. You won’t find a Keynote lecture here. And, with training in a practical environment vs. your own you have the freedom to experiment with Jamf Pro — even making mistakes.

Exams are practical

In the tool, open-book and open-note, we test you on relevant skills, in a real-world context, giving you the tools to successfully and efficiently deploy and manage Apple devices.

Address today’s challenges and tomorrow’s needs.

Four courses, that build on each other, and give you the freedom to experiment.

Jamf 100 Course

The Jamf 100 Course offers an introduction to Jamf Pro and managing Apple devices. This course covers foundations for macOS, iOS, tvOS and Jamf Pro server. The Jamf 100 Course is self-paced, completely free, and offered online.


  • Introduction to Jamf Pro
  • macOS, iOS, and tvOS foundations


  • None

Jamf 200 Course

The Jamf 200 Course (formerly Certified Casper Technician) builds upon the features learned in the Jamf 100 Course and takes a deeper, more hands-on approach to Apple device management with Jamf Pro.


  • Further explanation of Jamf Pro and Apple services
  • Deployment, security and configuration techniques
  • Building and managing content for deployment


  • Abundant hands-on experience with macOS and iOS
  • Completion of the Jamf 100 Course is strongly recommended

Jamf 300 Course

The Jamf 300 Course (formerly Certified Casper Admin) builds on the IT professional’s knowledge of Jamf Pro and the macOS/iOS platforms. The course applies a scenario and challenge-based examination for the management of Apple devices.


  • Security management workflows
  • Patch Management
  • Advanced Packaging
  • Shell Scripting
  • Jamf Pro API
  • Advanced policies
  • Self Service Customization/Branding
  • Jamf Pro Infrastructure (Sites, Network Segments, Distribution Points)


  • Jamf Certified Tech or
  • Jamf Certified Admin or
  • Jamf Certified Expert or
  • Certified Casper Technician (CCT) v9 or
  • Certified Casper Admin (CCA) v9 or
  • Certified Casper Expert (CCE) v9

Jamf 400 Course

The Jamf 400 Course (formerly Certified Casper Expert) strengthens and expands the IT professional’s skill set with Jamf Pro and macOS. The course takes a deep dive into macOS management through real-world, challenge-based scenarios.


  • Infrastructure integration for scalable deployments
  • Advanced Jamf Pro API usage
  • Expert level management workflows
  • Advanced Scripting


  • Jamf Certified Admin or
  • Jamf Certified Expert or
  • Certified Casper Admin (CCA) v9 or
  • Certified Casper Expert (CCE) v9
  • Scripting Knowledge

Training how you want it.

The right opportunity awaits.

Whether you want to take just one course, become a Jamf Certified Expert, or train your entire team, Jamf has a training path for you. We offer flexible options regardless of schedule, location and budget.

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