Jamf Training Pass

The most cost-effective way to learn Jamf Pro.

A Training Pass is a yearly subscription that offers a flexible and cost-conscious way to train IT professionals who are interested in becoming certified in Jamf Pro.

There are two types of Training Passes: Organizational and Individual.

The best IT training classes I’ve ever done, the quality and information gained fully justifies the Training Pass, that I’ve now renewed for its third year.
Gary B.

Organizational Training Pass:

  • Limited to a single organization and cannot be shared across multiple organizations.
  • Limited to five (5) employees within your organization.
  • Once an individual has enrolled and taken a course, that individual is then assigned to the pass and cannot be unassigned and cannot be substituted with another individual.
  • The Training Pass may be used by one individual at a time. Meaning, one seat can be reserved in any one available course during a week’s time.
  • Allows customer to enroll into an instructor-led training course and/or certification retest exam.

Individual Training Pass:

  • Registered to one individual.
  • Allows customer to enroll into an instructor led-training course and/or certification retest exam.
  • NON-transferable.
  • CANNOT be shared within an organization.

How to use a Training Pass:

  • Find courses on Jamf Account;

  • Enroll with Training Pass;

  • Come to class!

*More details will be available upon purchase.


  • Training Passes are valid for one year from purchase date, and you must enroll and complete the course within the one-year purchase window. Any unused Training Passes will expire after one year from purchase and will be forfeited.

  • Jamf training course and certification/retest exam enrollments via Organizational and Individual Training Passes are allowed two (2) late cancellations*/no shows** during the term of the Training Pass. A third late cancellation/no show will result in deactivation of the Training Pass.

    • *Late cancellation - Providing cancellation notice/request to reschedule less than ten (10) business days prior to the start of the training course or certification/retest exam.

    • **No show - Not present on the first and second days of the training course. You will be removed from the class roster if not present on the first and second days.

*See Jamf Training Course Policies for more details.

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