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Training Passes are a flexible and cost-conscious way to train and become certified in Jamf Pro. Offered at an organizational or individual level, the Training Pass is a yearly subscription that allows IT admins to easily register for courses offered by Jamf with a single purchase.

What is a Training Pass?

  • Organizational Training Passes allow your organization to reserve one seat at a time in any available class. Organizational Training Passes may be shared by multiple users at your organization, as long as only one individual attends per class.
  • Individual Training Passes may be purchased for a specific person. These cannot be shared within an organization.
  • Each Training Pass may be used for any course offered by Jamf.
  • Organizations or individuals who purchase Training Passes must pre-register seats with their Account Manager or use Jamf Nation in order to attend a class.
  • A Training Pass is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Once I have a pass, how do I use it?

  • Find any open class on
  • When viewing available classes, you should see a "Register with Training Pass" button. Selecting this button allows you to enroll yourself or someone from your organization in the class selected. If you do not see an option to "Register with Training Pass", please contact your Account Manager.
  • Come to class! (Just don't forget step 2. Only pre-registered students will be allowed to attend.)

Note: if you’re having trouble enrolling through Jamf Nation, please contact your Technical Account Manager.

Additional terms and conditions

  • A Training Pass allows a user to attend any class at any time. However, if you would like to enroll multiple users into the same class—or into two classes occurring at the same time in different cities—simply purchase multiple Training Passes or individual seats into the desired class at the standard rates.
  • A minimum 1-year subscription is required to purchase a Training Pass.
  • Your Training Pass subscription must be active to register, enroll, and attend a class.
  • Training Pass subscribers are allowed two cancellations/no-shows per year. To allow other customers to fill any open seats, please notify Jamf as soon as possible of an upcoming cancellation. If more than two cancellations/no-shows per year occur, future enrollments under that training pass will not be allowed.
  • Organizational Training Passes are limited to a single activation code and cannot be shared across multiple organizations.

For more information, please review the Training Policies.

Ready to purchase a Training Pass?