Jamf Pro Support.

Committed to your success.

We don’t just have great support; we stake our reputation on it.

A “pro” for every Jamf Pro customer.

At Jamf, we have a unique, personalized support model.

Work with a Jamf “pro” who understands your needs and environment on a level unmatched by other customer service models. Our support staff are all Jamf employees, located around the globe, ensuring a consistent and human experience with the technology.

Supporting those who support others.

Our support model is different from others you’ve encountered. We develop personal relationships and are genuinely excited to talk to people. Apple and Jamf expertise will always be available, but so will a friendly ‘face’ to empathize with your situation and clearly communicate the options to best address your needs.

Already a customer?

Ensuring your success with Apple.

Two support models to match your unique needs and budget.

Standard Support

When you join our customer community, you have access to our team of experts, versed in Jamf and Apple technology. We’re committed to helping you succeed and won’t stop until you’re happy.

Premium Support

Jamf’s Premium Support assists with customized initiatives, provides essential emergency response support and provides a Customer Success Manager dedicated to your success— always. Premium Support is available in three different tiers.


  • Support via chat, email or phone during business hours*
  • No max on the number of support cases you can create
  • Easy access to support cases through Jamf Account.


  • Available to those who have Jamf Pro only or Jamf Pro + another Jamf product
  • Direct access to your customer success manager
  • Priority on escalated issues
  • Access to priority issue reports


Included in your Jamf Pro subscription

Pricing Tiers

Premium Support pairs well with Premium Service!

Our commitment to you.

We are committed to working to the best of our ability to help solve any problem:

  • We will approach any issue with the mindset of a co-worker rather than a vendor.
  • We will use all available resources at our disposal to get to a solution. If we are no longer able to proceed within our ability, we will help you find a path to a solution.
  • We will understand the business need ​​affected by the issue, and work to the best of our ability with you to resolve the issue in the timeline that is required.
  • We understand that you have workflows specific to the needs of your organization.
Priority Status New Case Response Time In Progress Case Response Time
Low 8 hours 32 hours
Medium 4 hours 24 hours
High 2 hours 12 hours
Urgent (Emergency) 1 hour 4 hours

*Based on local business hours. For more information please see the Technical Support Desk.

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