Jamf Onboarding Services.

Hit the ground running with Apple and Jamf.

Setting you up for success…

From the get go.

Jamf is dedicated to your success, which means we want to get you up and running your Apple devices, right. The first time. Depending on what Jamf solution is right for you, we offer a variety of onboarding services with multiple delivery methods to ensure you are managing your Apple fleet confidently.

Ready. Set. Go!

Onboarding is quick and easy, with videos and help center articles to help you along the way.

From, self-directed videos to a full-service onboarding offering (available remotely or through in-person sessions), we ensure you get the most out of Jamf Pro. Work with our onboarding team to see what model suits your organization best.

Jamf School comes complete with a setup assistant. Login, go through the assistant and go. In addition, consider our instructor-led virtual training or expanded professional services.

Onboarding services are recommended for every new customer to ensure your onboarding is a success. Remote or onsite services are available.