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Jamf Safe Internet Safe, private connections everywhere students learn.

Content filtering and network threat protection for education.
Child sits on a living room floor, learning from an iPad protected by Jamf Safe Internet as a parent sits nearby.

Learn fearlessly.

The internet should be where students learn confidently: growing and exploring where their curiosity takes them.

Students spend nearly twice as much time online than ever before. This means a growing need for digital safety to eliminate cyberattacks and prevent students from accessing unsafe content.

Jamf Safe Internet is an educational content-filtering solution. It ensures students can navigate the internet without reserve or fear — purpose-built for Apple, available across all mobile platforms.

Using Mac? Jamf Protect can further extend your security.

Apple device ecosystem - Mac, iPad iPhone with Jamf Safe Internet screens on Mac and blocked paged on mobile devices

Why Jamf Safe Internet?

Comprehensive content filtering optimized for education and integrated with MDM for simple, powerful student and user protection.

Designed to help schools and colleges protect students from harmful content on the internet, Jamf Safe Internet enforces acceptable-use policies without sacrificing the unmatched learning experience Apple devices provide.

We combine best-in-class network threat prevention and a vast content-filtering database to block unsafe content and malicious attacks such as malware or phishing so that students can learn safely anywhere.

Privacy by default

At Jamf, we empower students and build trust between them and technology.

We designed Jamf Safe Internet with privacy at its core. Our "prevention over inspection" approach keeps student data safe from prying eyes while still protecting them from harmful or inappropriate sites.

Jamf has signed the Student Privacy Pledge, highlighting our commitment to protecting student, parent and teacher information.

Jamf as an organization also has a robust privacy policy.

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Securing networks

Network security is essential not only for the maintenance of classroom delivery but for wider school operations

To protect from cyber attacks like phishing, malware, cryptojacking and more, Jamf Safe Internet builds in network threat protection.

With reporting capabilities to highlight compromised devices, IT can then use this information to offer end-user education around these attacks.

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Content control in one click.

Customize and create the level of content control that fits each class.

Start with three pre-defined rule sets: safety, blocking and bandwidth restrictions.

  • Get specific: choose from a wide set of block categories.
  • Restrict high-bandwidth or nonproductive sites.
  • Get granular: add and scope custom rules.

This protection is powered by Jamf’s content filtering and network threat protection engine, delivered through seamless integration with our flagship education mobile device management (MDM) solution Jamf School as well as Jamf Pro: the gold standard in modern Apple device management.

Jamf Safe Internet screen for selecting Google and YouTube features

Extend filters beyond domains

  • Google SafeSearch helps hide explicit content from Google Search results.
  • YouTube Restricted Mode hides mature content from YouTube search results and embedded YouTube videos. It also prevents users from viewing video comments.
  • On-Device Content Filtering limits traffic to a device before filters even take action, further supporting user privacy. It also makes it possible to filter IP addresses, URLs and app traffic in addition to domain names.
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Education optimized. Jamf School integrated.

We've designed a brand-new console from the ground up, with workflows specifically for the education user. It's every bit as powerful as our commercial product.

The seamless integration with Jamf School makes deployment and ongoing syncing simple and intuitive. All from the platform you’re already comfortable with.

And Jamf Safe Internet also integrates with Jamf Pro—right out of the box.

College student, university buildings behind him.

Jamf Safe Internet in higher education

University students deserve protection, too!

While content filtering is sometimes a less urgent issue in higher education, security should still be top-of-mind. Jamf Safe Internet's threat prevention capabilities can prevent college students and their professors from accessing malicious links which could expose your network to malware, spyware and ransomware.

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Now supporting all devices.

Jamf Safe Internet protects your end users against inappropriate content and your network from external threats, regardless of the device they are using. Jamf Safe Internet has always supported Apple devices; we now include Chrome and Windows.

Get started with Jamf.

Teach fearlessly.

Jamf Safe Internet

Content filtering and network threat protection for schools.
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