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Apple Enterprise Management Solutions Everything required to connect your Apple users to resources, protect your Apple devices and manage your Apple ecosystem.

Apple devices

Empower users with the Apple devices they crave.

Apple market share is growing in businesses and schools of all sizes. And for good reasons:

But simply purchasing Apple isn’t what makes this possible. It’s what you do with your devices that makes the difference.

Essentials of Apple Enterprise Management Solutions

Consisting of three core pillars, the Jamf platform offers complete Apple lifecycle management for every Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV in your environment.
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Device and App Management Manage Your Apple Devices
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App Lifecycle Management

Secure workflows for managing all applications in your environment.

You choose:

  • Where to source apps
  • Where apps are hosted
  • How to report on apps
  • How and when to update apps

Apple (MDM) Device Management Solutions

Configure and customize the perfect Apple device for every user.

You determine:

  • What devices to target
  • When to update devices
  • What settings to apply
  • What configurations to enforce
  • How to manage data consumption with usage policies
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Inventory Management

Track the status and enjoy a complete view of your environment.

You view:

  • User details
  • Hardware data
  • Software versions
  • Security settings
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Identity and Access Connect Your Users
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Zero-Touch Deployment

Automate setup and device deployment regardless of user location.

You can:

Identity-Based Access

Know when and where users access devices, apps and resources.

You can:

  • Streamline user login with a single user cloud identity
  • Enforce multi-factor authentication with every login
  • Eliminate password-related tickets with password synchronization
  • Authenticate and access Mac without passwords by using iPhone Face ID biometrics
  • Use zero-trust access for remote access and application security
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Self Service

Create a self-service portal to empower users with instant resource access.

You can:

  • Reduce common IT tickets
  • Keep users productive
  • Curate settings and apps
  • Alert users of updates
  • Customize with your brand
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Security and Privacy Protect Your Data
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Security Management

Reduce risk and maintain a streamlined, protected user experience.

You can:

  • Enforce encryption and passcodes
  • Restrict software and prevent downloads
  • Remotely lock and wipe devices
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Threat Prevention and Remediation

Be proactive: keep users and your organization from malware and threats.

You can:

  • Prevent known malware, adware and ransomware
  • Create analytics to hunt for and monitor threats
  • Automate incident remediation actions
  • Maintain mobile threat detection and phishing prevention
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Visibility and Compliance

Continuously stream real-time accurate audit and compliance data.

You can:

  • Minimize non-compliance exposure
  • Meet and exceed compliance auditing requirements
  • Report on security benchmark compliance