App Lifecycle Management Apple app management simplified.

Time saved for you, flawless experience for them.

Automate your app updates without ever interrupting the flow of work.

If the app titles you need most aren’t easily available, you need a new solution.

You need App Installers.

App Installers, part of the Jamf App Catalog, automatically packages, hosts, deploys and updates third-party Mac apps when a new version is available. This simple workflow gives admins valuable time back in their day while providing users with the seamless app experience they expect.

Jamf ensures that the latest and greatest App Installer titles are available with the security validation you need to feel confident in the integrity of the installer package — because it matters to you and your users.

Application volume, velocity and validation delivered.

Managing apps really can be effortless.

No matter where you get your apps, Jamf has you covered.

Choose your own app management path.

Mix and match titles for deployment from the Mac App Store with Apple Business Manager, or deploy third-party apps from Jamf’s robust App Catalog.

Take a hands-off approach with automated App Installers, make Jamf patch management workflows your go-to or do both. We’ll support your app strategy every step of the way.

Need a unique app?

No problem.

Jamf Title Editor lets you create and maintain custom titles making it easy to customize a suite of apps for your organization.

Simplify the complexity of managing any type of app.

Workflows that make users productive and you look like a hero.

Your users need to be empowered with the apps they need when they need them.

Whether accessing the apps via Self Service or supporting iOS apps to M1-powered Mac devices, Jamf gives you the ability to unlock the power of apps for your users and any device.

Updating and deploying apps.

Managing apps through their lifecycle — from sourcing to updating to the experience users have — is a critical component of an IT admin’s job.

This guide explains:

  • The basics of updating and deploying apps
  • Why should you patch software
  • App Installers in Jamf Pro
  • Patch Management in Jamf Pro

Determine the best path for your organization.

This guide provides an in-depth view of the lifecycle to show different paths an IT admin can go down as they seek to:

  • Source and host apps
  • Deploy and update apps
  • Report on apps
  • Shape the user experience with apps