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Apple Integrations Expanding what’s possible with Apple

With best-in-class technology

Easily integrate with Apple Business Manager for better IT workflows.

Manage content, devices and roles from one portal.

Put Apple Business Manager to work

And simplify everything: how you enroll and deploy devices, purchase and distribute apps and books in bulk, and conduct ongoing management.

Apple Business Manager combines the power of Apple’s automated device enrollment with volume purchasing into one consolidated service. It allows you to automatically deploy Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV devices directly to users configured with settings, security controls, apps and books.

Jamf Pro and Jamf Now fully integrate with Apple Business Manager, providing same-day support for new features. You can take immediate advantage of:

Device enrollment

Automate device enrollment and configuration so that employees can get to work as soon as they power on their devices. Managed Apple IDs drive the new user enrollment experience for enhanced BYOD workflows and provide employees access to corporate iCloud services like FaceTime, notes and enhanced collaboration.


Set restrictions and use built-in Apple device security to keep content and apps from being used in unmanaged destinations.

Volume purchasing

Find, purchase, personalize and distribute apps and books in volume, directly to: iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS devices. With or without Apple IDs.


Delegate admin privileges and manage content across locations. Use Managed Apple IDs for IT staff.

Simplify IT workflows with Apple School Manager and Jamf.

Deliver the ultimate education experience to students and teachers.

Both Jamf School and Jamf Pro integrate with Apple School Manager to automate and simplify device deployments for schools. This integration greatly improves education workflows, giving IT a single reference point for all of their deployment and ongoing management needs.

Unlock the power of Apple School Manager.

Set students and teachers up for success by providing the learning environment they crave while improving Apple deployment and ongoing management workflows.

Volume purchasing

Volume purchasing is a simple way to purchase apps and books for your school. Combined with Jamf School or Jamf Pro, you can install and update apps wirelessly, even if the App Store is disabled. Eligible educational institutions can take advantage of special discounts on 20 or more apps.

Managed Apple IDs

Create Managed Apple IDs for students and teachers to provide them with access to Apple services —including iCloud with 200GB of free storage per user, the Schoolwork app, and collaboration with iWork and Notes — as well as the ability to personalize their devices.

SIS Integration

Create Managed Apple IDs and dynamically update user information for students, teachers and staff as well as organize classes through integration with your Student Information System (SIS).

Device setup

Automate device enrollment, iPad and Mac deployment and app configuration in schools— so students and teachers are equipped with the learning resources they need the minute they turn on their devices.

Shared iPad

Set up iPads for shared use and allow students to log in to their devices by tapping on their photos. Upon logging in, students can pick up right where they left off and enjoy a personalized experience on a shared device.

Classroom management

The Jamf School Teacher app, along with Apple's Classroom app, gives educators the support they need to manage devices and make classroom learning more efficient. Teachers can guide students to the appropriate learning resource or website, share work via AirPlay to classroom displays with screen mirroring software or directly to an Apple TV. They can also perform routine management tasks such as password resets.

See where MDM and Apple Business/School Manager intersect.