Corporate Responsibility

Constantly working to be better for our employees, our customers, our communities and our world.

Our Purpose

Empower people by simplifying work.

Our Mission

Help organizations succeed with Apple.

Our Vision

Anyone who wants Apple is empowered to use Apple.

Purpose and Impact Report

This report highlights Jamf's long-standing commitment to empowering people through technology and our dedication to tracking and reporting environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives.

Our Values

Jamf’s core values of selflessness and relentless self-improvement mean we share a devotion to doing the right thing. These are actual descriptions of Jamfs, and aspirational qualities we all should pursue.


  • Considering others' needs before our own
  • Sacrificing for the team and our customers
  • Helping others become more powerful
  • Leading with compassion and empathy

Relentless Self-Improvement

  • Humility
  • Constantly learning and growing
  • Getting a little better every day

Our Journey

Since day one, Jamf has been committed to acting socially responsible by helping our customers, employees and communities become their absolute best. The value system established by our founders is the core of our culture and continues to guide our decisions and actions every day. This isn’t a project, it’s who we are and what we believe.


Jamf Nation Global Foundation


First Innovation Hub in Haiti


Jamf Heroes Customer Advocacy Program


ISO 27001 Certification


ESG Steering Committee established


Modern Slavery Statement


Fortune Best Workplaces for Women


TrustRadius Tech Cares Award Winner


ISO 27701 Certification


Jamf is a culmination of passionate, committed and bright people who shape our culture and live our core values of selflessness and relentless self-improvement. We do not say we are the best, but we strive to be the best — for our customers, our employees and our communities. Our leaders encourage autonomy, exploration and innovation with spirit and enthusiasm. Through transparency, openness and humility, we embrace the opportunity to challenge ourselves. We are a group of curious self-starters who thrive on taking initiative and are excited by global impact. Our employees enjoy the freedom to be themselves and work how they work best.

For more information about inclusion and diversity at Jamf:

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90% of Jamf Employees Say Jamf is a Great Place to Work

Jamf certified by Great Place to Work®, a global leader in workplace culture, as a "Great Place to Work®"


Jamf’s culture is rooted in giving back. Our founders recognized the long-term positive impact of helping to improve the quality of life in our communities. Long before our days as a public company, they strived to build an organization that was “deeply committed to not only bettering the lives of our customers, but our employees and those in the greater community as well.” This statement holds true today.

Jamf’s community initiatives are primarily focused on enabling and improving education through technology, and we also provide Jamf employees additional opportunities to participate in their communities and organizations of choice through volunteering and financial contributions. We continuously put our values to action by dedicating our time and energy to making a difference.

Read about how we give back:

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$2.6M+ Donations

Distributed to 480 global organizations through JNGF since 2013

27K+ Hours

Volunteer Time Off (VTO) hours since 2013

Matter Innovation Hubs

Located in 6 countries at 12 different sites


Jamf Heroes

Customers are at the center of our work. We recognize that they’re the backbone of our company and the reason for our success. That’s why in July of 2018, we started Jamf Heroes — a customer advocacy program that’s dedicated to helping our most passionate customers achieve success. For some, that’s through education — reading Jamf’s latest e-books and white papers. For many others, it’s through community.

Jamf Heroes gives customers the opportunity to easily share their love of Jamf. But more importantly, it provides a space for customers of all industries and geographies to connect and learn from each other. It puts humans at the center, because we believe that only though an authentic, personalized approach can genuine relationships thrive.

Each month, Jamf Heroes helps facilitate meaningful conversations — serving as the catalyst for friendships between customers from around the globe. And the Heroes give back. Not only do they selflessly volunteer their time to help each other, but they also donated more than $5,000 worth of program rewards to charities in 2020. Jamf Heroes is a special offering for customers who would rather help each other than stand alone.

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$5,000 Program rewards

Donated to charities in 2020


Trust, the cornerstone of our relationships, is built with transparency and openness about our security practices and how we handle and safeguard data. With a “say as we do, do as we say” philosophy, we strive to ensure all stakeholders are confident in our words and encouraged by our actions. Our goal is to create an exceptional user experience while delivering the level of privacy and security necessary to meet your needs and to earn and keep your trust.

Jamf’s enterprise risk management program helps us make better decisions and protect the things that matter to us and every stakeholder. This program includes evaluating our supply chain to ensure there is no slavery or human trafficking in any part of our business or our supply chains.

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Environmental Sustainability

We want to deliver value to our customers, employees, communities and shareholders for the long-term. Therefore, we must do our part in protecting our planet. Our vision is to one day become carbon negative in our company operations. Prior to that, we are focused on quantifying our carbon footprint, raising awareness and knowledge, and giving back to our global and local communities. Our values of selflessness and relentless self-improvement fuel our desire to thrive sustainably. What we have done:

  • Established a Sustainability Leadership Council which meets on a regular basis to discuss priorities and progress initiatives
  • Partnered with cloud providers that hold high sustainability standards
  • Subsidized public transportation programs and provide bicycle storage for employees
  • Installed solar offset on one of our major office buildings
  • Provided compost waste services in our offices
  • Implemented environmental reporting software to track energy and transport use
  • Introduced intelligent lighting systems that conserve energy and usage
  • Provided green initiatives in our paid volunteer and philanthropic efforts