Let your individuality shine.

We can only be our best selves when given the freedom to be ourselves. At Jamf, we aim to create an environment that embraces and celebrates unique perspectives and ideas.

We mean it when we say you’re free to be you. With office locations across the globe, we have a vibrant blend of cultures, backgrounds and experiences that contribute to our diverse workforce, but we know we still have areas to improve upon, not only as a company, but in the tech industry as a whole.

In the spirit of our values of selflessness and relentless self-improvement, we are actively working every day to get better; our commitment on becoming a more inclusive and diverse workplace is never done.

As #OneJamf, we pledge to be leaders and allies of change by taking intentional action for all Jamfs and our communities at large so that every person can be their whole selves both inside and outside the workplace.

Inclusion & Diversity Global Steering Committee

It is important that we create a safe space where everyone is able to express their unique needs to propel Jamf to a be global leader of equality and fairness in the workplace.

Our Inclusion & Diversity Global Steering Committee’s goal is to help others feel empowered for safe and authentic expression, to lead the projects, events, and groups that they are passionate about, and take action on issues related to inclusion and diversity at Jamf.

Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide a safe space for empowerment and cultural education. Our ERGs educate, drive awareness and empower employees to create change. We encourage employees to use their voice to make real, actionable differences to ensure Jamf is a place where everyone feels comfortable and can be successful both in the office and while working remotely.


Womxn@Jamf aims to achieve gender equity for people of all genders at Jamf, particularly womxn. Our goal is to foster a community and culture where all people have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

We come together to provide the womxn at Jamf:

  • Pathways to advance their careers, opportunities to build professional relationships and resources to develop relevant and useful professional skills through our Womxn@Jamf Mentorship Program
  • Trainings for professional development and skill growth on topics like negotiation, leadership, public speaking, finance and allyship
  • A community where insights, advice and feedback can be shared and discussed
  • An outlet to discuss workplace challenges and provide innovative solutions
  • Events to celebrate womxn’s history, milestones and events

Why "womxn" and not "women"?
The spelling of "womxn" is meant to explicitly include people for whom the concept of womanhood has been historically constructed to exclude. We use this spelling to indicate that our spaces and platform are open to anyone. We respect people of all genders, identities, and the use of pronouns that best identify an individual.


Accessibility@Jamf is all in for inclusion to gain a better understanding of how our differences make us stronger as a team. We support one another in our personal accessibility journey.

By being part of Accessibility@Jamf, you can look forward to:

  • Informative discussions and thought leadership about accessibility
  • Speakers hosted at Jamf to educate and bring awareness to accessibility in the workplace
  • Volunteer opportunities within our communities
  • Provide resources for awareness, accessibility and change
  • Partner with local organizations to support youth in the neurodiversity community

The Shades of Jamf

Shades of Jamf provides resources and a safe place for all to express themselves freely, unapologetically, authentically and individually. We focus on bringing forth the celebration of our diversity and provide a platform to educate, engage, share ideas and elevate other people of color. We exist to give a voice to other underrepresented people of color, create a safe space where we feel supported, and hold networking events to educate others.
We want to collectively provide:

  • Discussion of challenges and opportunities we have within the workplace
  • Collaboration and conversations to overcome those challenges together
  • A great place to network, build a community, and connect with others
  • Events where we can share experiences, empathize with one another and build together
  • Opportunities to educate, elevate and empower everyone to use their voice

If our mission as #OneJamf and as an organization is relentless self-improvement, we need to change and improve the stigma that comes with being a person of color. We want to break barriers and stereotypes, and we are open to having uncomfortable conversations to mitigate unconscious biases about who we are. We are human beings.


PROUD@Jamf empowers the safe and authentic expression of all LGBTQ+ Jamfs and to educate the Jamf community at large about pertinent social issues and engage and establish connections with the larger LGBTQ forums within our own communities.

We provide the Proud@Jamf community with:

  • Jamf-hosted discussions with the LGBTQ+ community
  • Virtual dance parties with DJs, drag show virtual trivia happy hours and more events
  • A safe space to connect with other Jamfs
  • Space for self-expression and acceptance of all — no matter creed, color, gender or orientation

Our mission is specifically rooted in inclusion and diversity, impacting Jamfs around the world in their own communities, uniting us in a mission to empower all voices. We are a large group of diverse individuals with the tenacity and excitement to propel Jamf to the position of a local, nationwide and global leader of equality and fairness in the workplace.