Inclusion and Diversity Let your individuality shine.

We mean it when we say you’re free to be you.

With office locations across the globe, we have a vibrant blend of cultures, backgrounds and experiences that contribute to our diverse workforce.

We know that we as a company and the tech industry as a whole still have areas to improve on. We practice selflessness and relentless self-improvement by actively working every day to get better; our commitment to becoming a more inclusive and diverse workplace is never done.

As #OneJamf, we pledge:

. . . to be leaders and allies of change by taking intentional action for all Jamfs and our communities at large, so that every person can be their whole selves both inside and outside the workplace.

Inclusion and Diversity Spotlight

Meet Jamf’s newest Employee Resource Group!

LatinX@Jamf was officially debuted during the March ERG Board Meeting to recognize our global LatinX community and a desire to build awareness and strengthen familia within Jamf. We have six employer-recognized and supported inclusion communities led by employees in partnership with the organization. Each is organized on the basis of shared identities, common experiences, goals and/or backgrounds, but they are all unified by a shared goal of contributing to the advancement of an inclusive environment, supporting employees through development and networking opportunities, fostering courageous conversations, and helping to improve the business. We are very excited to welcome LatinX@Jamf to our ERG community!

Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide a safe space for empowerment and cultural education. Our ERGs educate, drive awareness and empower employees to create change. We encourage employees to use their voice to make real, actionable differences to ensure Jamf is a place where everyone feels comfortable and can be successful both in the office and while working remotely.


Accessibility@Jamf is a safe place for Jamfs with disabilities, family members, friends and allies to lift each other up and provide a network of learning and advocacy; creating awareness and celebrating people who experience life differently while giving back to our communities.

By being part of Accessibility@Jamf, you can look forward to:

  • Informative discussions and thought leadership about accessibility
  • Speakers hosted at Jamf to educate and bring awareness to accessibility in the workplace
  • Volunteer opportunities within our communities
  • Resources for awareness, accessibility and change
  • Partnerships with local organizations to support youth in the neurodiversity community

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