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Jamf for Business From a Mac in the enterprise to an iPad in the field.

Your next step after purchasing Apple hardware.

Whether you’re new to Apple and only require a limited set of devices or you’re an Apple veteran with tens of thousands of Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV devices deployed around the world, the Jamf platform delivers the device management, Zero Trust and identity-based access, and security capabilities needed to maximize your hardware initiative.

Apple in the enterprise

A more productive and remote workforce.

For enterprises that must keep devices running optimally, ensure hardware and networks are protected at all times as well as provide only the proper access to each employee, this can be no small feat. That’s why Jamf delivers Apple Enterprise Management.

The best way to manage devices, connect users, protect data and complete your enterprise solution, including:

Pair Mac with iPhone for the ultimate user experience.

Apple users love the Apple platform.

Create the most productive Apple at work experience by providing consistent user interactions across all devices. Mac, iPad and iPhone connect seamlessly as no other mobile devices can. When employees are away from their Mac devices, their mobile devices are always at their sides. This allows for more productivity and flexibility of location.

Jamf also provides conditional access for both Mac and iPhone devices, ensuring that only trusted users on trusted devices are accessing trusted apps.

Employee choice or bring your own device (BYOD)

Employees have proven that they are more productive when using the hardware that they prefer and are comfortable with — and most times, that's Apple.

Apple in small business

Today’s business runs on technology, in even the smallest of businesses.

Small businesses may struggle to dedicate time and resources to manage and maximize their hardware purchases. IT solutions are often an afterthought once the Apple hardware is purchased.

The Jamf platform can cater to these environments. While small businesses may not need the scope and depth that enterprise technology requires, that doesn’t mean they can’t be properly deployed, managed and secured — with minimal effort required.

Industry-specific Workflows

Streamlined technology is a must for mobile-only employees.
  • Single Login offers cloud-identity authentication on shared iOS and iPadOS devices
  • Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset enable quick set-up and device configuration and device wipes
  • Jamf’s two APIs integrate Jamf into a variety of different platforms and workflows
  • Jamf Mobile Assist performs limited management and security tasks without submitting an IT ticket
  • Partner apps and industry-specific workflows

For every way you use mobile tech to get the job done.

Apple in retail

Optimized processes, informed teams and a unique customer experience are key in retail.

In today’s deskless workforce, the right tech is essential to unlock all three.

  • Simplify IT setup and deployment
  • Support multiple uses of tech with Jamf partner solutions
  • Communicate directly with store teams
  • Offer an online product search while in-store and point-of-sale

Case Study

GOAT: GOAT steps out with Apple devices and Jamf