How Apple and Jamf are changing the retail landscape.

With sneakers no longer a faux pas to wear in the office or to weddings, the shoe demand continues to grow at a rapid rate. And no one knows that better than GOAT, the world's largest platform for buying and selling classic and rare sneakers. They also know that when the demand goes up, so does the need to streamline selling practices to meet the demand. So, how do they do it? With Apple and Jamf.

Read this story to see how the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) continues to be just that by:

  • Managing 1,000-plus macOS and iOS devices with Jamf
  • Giving all new employees an Apple device
  • Remotely managing all devices across 12 global locations with an IT team of two
  • Eliminating 10-15 help tickets a day with Jamf Self Service

You'll even hear a triumphant story of IT heroics on the mother of all shopping days, Black Friday.