Jamf Services Policies

Customer Responsibilities

To allow for the most efficient and successful engagement, the following requirements (in addition to specifics delineated in the applicable Statement of Work) must be completed/provided by the Customer prior to the services engagement being delivered.

After completion of the service engagement, the Customer will provide Jamf with written confirmation that the work has been completed.


Jamf respects our Customer’s privacy and is committed to protecting personal information. We will not use personal information except as allowed by the Customer’s agreement with Jamf and our Privacy Policy.

Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities

If a Customer needs accommodations during an engagement please notify us at the time of scheduling to allow for preparations to be made.

Communication, Scheduling, and Expiration

To create smooth and efficient communication, Jamf will contact the Customer via email to schedule services and/or solicit information for the scheduling of services. Typically Jamf will attempt to contact the Customer three times to schedule a service. Unresponsiveness or failure to respond in a timely manner may result in the forfeiture of services. All purchased onboarding and services expire one year from purchase, and must be fully completed before the expiration date. Failure to complete the purchased onboarding or service within the one year period will result in forfeiture.

Prerequisite Work

Jamf engagements often require the Customer to complete prerequisite work before the scheduled engagement(s). Jamf will provide the Customer with directions on how to complete prerequisite work in the initial scheduling communication. Directions can also be found in the applicable SOW.

If the Customer is unable to complete the prerequisite work on their own, Jamf can offer assistance remotely upon request. If during a scheduled engagement session we find that the prerequisite work has not been completed, we will attempt to move forward with the session. In that case, the Customer acknowledges that implementation and training outcomes may be different than the originally understood scope. If a scheduled engagement session is halted by the Customer or Jamf due to incomplete prerequisite work, it will count as a reschedule.

Onsite Engagements

If the Customer cancels or changes the date(s) of the services for any reason at any time after confirmation, the Customer agrees to reimburse Jamf for any unrecoverable costs incurred by Jamf at the time of cancellation.

Remote Engagements

Once a remote engagement has been scheduled, multiple Customer reschedules or failure to attend a scheduled engagement without 5 business days advanced notice may result in the forfeiture of services. To ensure we have time to cover topics outlined in the SOW , please join the video conferencing platform promptly at the scheduled time. Arriving more than 20 minutes past the scheduled start time will be counted as a failure to attend. Remote engagements must be scheduled in 4-hour blocks. We do not schedule engagements that are less than 4 hours.


Your purchased service may include a predefined SOW. The SOW does not guarantee specific outcomes but rather is for an engineer’s time and consultation services. While good faith attempts will be made to meet and exceed every goal outlined in the SOW, Jamf and its engineers will not be held liable for failing to meet the SOW goals due to customer issues (lack of staff availability, technical issues outside of Jamf control, etc.). Should an issue arise within Jamf’s control (product issue, etc.) that affects outcomes, Jamf Services shall provide additional, reasonable amounts of time to the Customer to ensure success. Additional partnerships with Jamf Support and Customer Success may occur as well.

Recording Policy

Recording any part of a Jamf engagement (including screen or audio recording) is strictly prohibited. Sharing, copying, posting images or reproducing the associated Training Materials in any way is prohibited.

Jamf Certified Services Delivery Partners

Jamf reserves the right to use certified services delivery partners to deliver Customer engagements.

Conduct during Service

Jamf is committed to providing and maintaining a working environment that is welcoming, engaging and respectful. We welcome questions during our service engagements, but please try to stay on topic. Please be respectful to the engineers and other attendees. Avoid making comments, either verbally or in a chat, that is racist, sexist, discriminatory, defamatory, obscene, harassing, insulting, hostile or not-safe-for-work (NSFW). If you make such comments or engage in other harassing, inappropriate, or disruptive behaviour, Jamf reserves the right to dismiss you from the service. If Jamf decides to remove you from a service session, you will not be able to return to that session and you may be barred from attending further service engagements run by Jamf. In the case of such a dismissal, Jamf’s sole liability will be limited to refunding fees you paid for the service engagement.