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Set up, manage and protect Apple devices in minutes.

Small business mobile device management software for Apple devices.

Apple device management can be time-consuming work, especially if IT is not your day job. Make iOS and macOS device setup easy, so you can spend your valuable time doing other work.

Jamf Now, formerly Bushel, is a cloud-based MDM solution for the iPads, iPhones and Macs in your workplace. Device management is fast, accessible and affordable, so you can support your users without help from IT.

Everything you need for small business MDM and nothing you don’t.

No sales, software, training, documentation or even money required!

Jamf Now is the easiest way to perform small business MDM tasks on the Apple devices within your organization. Immediately sign up and manage devices without speaking to a sales representative, or obtaining software training or documentation. Leverage a Blueprint within Jamf Now to easily deploy settings and apps for groups of devices – in minutes and all from one place. Jamf Now customers wait for nothing!

Don’t just take our word for it.

Manage your first three devices for free. Add more for just $2/device/month.

Take Jamf Now for a test drive. See the power of a cloud-based MDM solution.