Jamf for Healthcare Transform the delivery of care and streamline communications for providers and patients.

Improving every aspect of healthcare.

In this world of mobile transformation, technology solutions for healthcare support patients, providers and families alike.

The healthcare landscape is changing.

Providers are looking for ways to deliver faster, more personalized care to their patients while improving communications within their care teams. Patients want more control and a better overall experience. Imagine a world that allows patients to see their medical records, close the blinds and call a nurse — all from an iPad paired with an Apple TV.

It’s a new world, and it’s possible today.

Medical staff takes an iPhone off of a rack on the wall.

Clinical Communications

Today, more doctors, nurses and care providers rely on mobile devices in healthcare to stay connected with each other and their patients.

However, as more technology is introduced, hospitals must evolve their (all too often) fragmented workflows to find new and improved ways of streamlining communication and care coordination.


Clinical Communications Essentials

Read our essentials guide and get started on your healthcare mobility strategy.

Product Documentation

Secure Communication and Improve Clinical Workflow with iPhone

Read how you can enhance the delivery of care with Vocera and Jamf Pro, and save on time and resources in the process.

What’s possible for clinical communications with Jamf?

Jamf for clinical communications offers:

  • High-quality care via secure iPad and iPhone platform
  • Workflows that protect PHI and maintain HIPAA compliance
  • App deployment from electronic medical record (EMR) — such as Epic Rover, Haiku or Canto
  • Shared device experience for Apple telemedicine through Jamf Setup, Jamf Reset and Single Login

Jamf Setup, Jamf Reset and Single Login

Shift workers can securely share devices by provisioning the device with a simple tap and selecting their “role.” Once done, wipe, reset and ready the device for the next worker — all on their own.

Single Login with Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset enhances this experience with a more secure and simplified login experience for workers through an integration with your cloud identity provider.


Single Login with Jamf Setup and Reset

See how Single Login, a new workflow with Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset, provides frontline workers — across industries like healthcare, manufacturing, retail and field services —with the end-user experience they need with shared iOS and iPadOS devices.

White Paper

Single Login with Jamf Setup and Reset

Unlock the power of personalization for shared device productivity and empower frontline workers to personalize and refresh shared iOS and iPadOS devices.

Doctor checking iPhone while using a MacBook and iPad.

Telehealth and Patient Care

Inpatient and outpatient care are now options through Virtual Visits, as well as remote telehealth and patient monitoring beyond the point of discharge. This extends the reach of patient care from the hospital into the comfort of home.


Telehealth Essentials

Learn about telehealth: the types of telehealth, what you need to provide telehealth options at your institution and the best solutions and partnerships to get the job done.

What's possible for telehealth and care with Jamf?

Jamf for telehealth and patient care offers:

Virtual Visits
Empower healthcare organizations to configure and instantly deploy third-party conferencing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams to iPad.

At-home-care through iPad
Patients can use secure monitoring apps to send critical feedback to care teams in real-time, leading to improved clinical outcomes. Once the iPad is collected, it is wiped and redeployed, ready for the next patient.

Child in a hospital bed wearing headphones and using an iPad.

Patient Experience

With Apple devices at the center of the patient experience, healthcare providers can engage, educate and entertain — transforming the patient bedside experience as we know it.

Case Study

Seattle Children’s Hospital

Learn how Seattle Children's uses iPad to create the best patient experience for children and parents.

Product Documentation

Jamf Pro for Patient Bedside

Learn how to deliver the ultimate patient bedside experience with Jamf Pro and Apple devices.

What's possible for patient experience with Jamf?

Jamf for patient experience offers:

  • In-room control and secure access to patients’ medical records
  • Direct access to their loved ones outside the hospital
  • A focus on holistic care of humans

Jamf’s Healthcare Listener is the key to our patient experience solution.

Security matters. Ensure patient privacy data is secure, devices are properly managed and endpoints are protected.

In this e-book, we address:

  • A high-level healthcare security overview of how hardware, software and compliance all play into your security posture
  • How to manage and ensure that these categories are approached with a healthcare-specific lens
  • Why key management and security topics, like inventory and endpoint protection, are critical to putting your most-secure foot forward