Single Login with Jamf Setup and Reset

See how Single Login, a new workflow with Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset, provides frontline workers — across industries like healthcare, manufacturing, retail and field services —with the end-user experience they need with shared iOS and iPadOS devices.

The Single Login workflow simplifies and secures frontline shared-device deployments for any industry. New with this release, a user's cloud-identity credentials can be used to instantly provision/de-provision an iOS or iPadOS device for their individual needs — wirelessly and without IT interaction.

In this demo, we take you step-by-step through the issues addressing frontline workers and obstacles to shared-device deployment and support, how Single Login with Jamf Setup and Reset addresses these obstacles, and how to get started today.

*The Single Login workflow uses key Microsoft technologies designed for supporting Apple's Enterprise SSO Framework. These technologies are currently in public preview, so please carefully consider potential support issues and other potential risks before using. Microsoft preview technologies are subject to Microsoft's terms and conditions and should not be used in a production environment.