Transform Communication Through Digital Signage

Captivate, connect and inform with Carousel Digital Signage and Jamf.

As consumers, we are exposed to digital signage constantly because non-verbal communication is such an effective tool. As IT administrators, we can leverage digital signage to provide better ways to communicate with students, employees and customers. From connected classrooms where education materials are easily displayed to greeting hotels guests as soon as they enter the lobby, digital signage is the best way to offer a dynamic, engaging experience.

Traditional digital signage networks are expensive, difficult to manage and vulnerable to attack through potentially insecure devices. But, Apple TV, Carousel Digital Signage and Jamf are changing that narrative. Download this PDF to learn how:

  • Carousel provides tools to ensure content is always current and relevant to the intended audience
  • Jamf streamlines the deployment and setup process of Apple TV and the Carousel app
  • To integrate your CAP-based alerting system with Carousel and Apple TV