Jamf Cloud Grow without the growing pains.

Leave the infrastructure to us.

As the number of devices in your environment increases, so does the need for scalable, globally-available services to manage them. Jamf offers customers the ability to host their Jamf Pro MDM server in the cloud.

You handle the inventory, deployment and security of Apple devices in your environment; we'll handle the infrastructure.

Why Jamf Cloud?

Avoid the management costs of self-hosting.
  • Server provisioning, ongoing security and update management
  • Storage infrastructure for global availability
  • Database administration, ongoing security and updates
  • Backup administration and testing
  • Disaster recovery alternate location
  • Server monitoring and response team

The support you need.

Not too much, not too little.

How does Jamf Cloud MDM work?

Using a subscription-based model, Jamf Cloud offers a built-in cloud distribution service for global package distribution and guarantees 99.9% server uptime.

Secure data — Our data centers are located in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan or Australia, and our servers automatically update with every release. We store automatic daily backups for 30 days in case of a need for disaster recovery.

Visibility — A Jamf status dashboard monitors cloud services, and we offer industry-standard security controls for hosting services.

We work well with others — Jamf Cloud offers full integration with most enterprise authentication and identity services, and we provide professional services to help you migrate.

Your Jamf Cloud subscription includes:

  • Hosted Jamf Pro server with immense scalability
  • Managed updates for Jamf Pro and underlying services
  • Cloud distribution service for global package distribution
  • Daily backups retained for 30 days
  • Disaster recovery alternate location
  • Service monitoring with status dashboard
  • SCCM Plug-in

Jamf Premium Cloud

The flexibility you need from the cloud.

Jamf Premium Cloud is an add-on for cloud hosting that provides you with the flexibility and control over your server that you need to get even more out of your Jamf Pro server. Available in USA, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Benefits of Jamf Premium Cloud include:

  • Upgrade Schedule Control (valid for n-2 versions)
  • IP Safelisting
  • Third-Party SSL Certificates
  • Secure Ports
  • Jamf Log Stream
  • Static Network assignment (Static IP Addresses)

Cost: $20,000/yr


  • 1x Production
  • 1x Sandbox

Jamf Premium Cloud Plus

Operate with a high degree of control.

Jamf offers a secure cloud product built from the ground up with security-conscious organizations in mind. This is Jamf's most secure product and the best way to manage Apple devices at scale in a secure and controlled manner.

Cost: $50,000/yr

Hosted in AWS GovCloud, which is a FedRAMP compliant environment.

Want to learn more about Jamf Pro in the cloud?

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