Jamf Pro Onboarding Services

Hit the ground running with Apple and Jamf.

Get the most out of your technology.

To help ensure customer success, all sales of Jamf Pro include new customer onboarding services or self-directed online training. We understand organizations have different needs and experience. Therefore, we offer a variety of onboarding services with multiple delivery methods and levels of training. Jamf will work with you to determine which option is the most efficient and effective for you and your organization:

  • Our full-service, personalized onboarding offerings are delivered by a Jamf Pro expert at your location
  • Remote onboarding services provide personalized sessions delivered by a Jamf Pro expert utilizing remote connection tools
  • For qualified customers, a self-directed, no-cost onboarding option is also available

During the personalized Jamf onboarding sessions, a Jamf Pro expert works with you to configure and integrate Jamf Pro seamlessly into your existing environment. Through a hands-on approach, the trainer will familiarize you with Jamf Pro features and configurations, provide workflow recommendations, review support resources available, and introduce you to additional training and certification options. Jamf’s self-directed onboarding is provided through a series of pre-recorded training sessions, combined with interactive tutorials and support staff to assist if needed.

For customers managing macOS devices

We recommend our onsite onboarding services. A Jamf Pro expert visits your location to provide face-to-face set up and training services to your Jamf Administrator(s) over the course of two days. This thorough and efficient training provides the most effective way to onboard Jamf Pro and includes installation services for our on-premises licensed customers. For customers who qualify, we also offer remote macOS services or the self-directed onboarding. With our remote macOS sessions, a Jamf Pro expert provides up to four hours of basic setup and configuration training and up to four hours of training focused on your specific needs. Jamf’s self-directed onboarding may be an appropriate solution for our macOS customers whose less complex needs can be met with online video training.

For customers managing iOS/tvOS devices

We recommend our four-hour remote onboarding service. For customers who qualify, the self-directed onboarding may be utilized. Do you have more complex needs or a large number of iOS devices to enroll? If so, we also offer a two-day onsite iOS onboarding service.

For customers managing both macOS and iOS/tvOS devices

We recommend our three-day onsite onboarding service. However, depending on needs you may qualify to receive one or both of these services remotely or through our self-directed onboarding.

No matter which onboarding service fits your needs best, all customers receive readiness information that prepares you for your onboarding. This allows both novice and experienced Apple users to begin using the solution and sets you up for immediate success.

Jamf provides the tools necessary to get the most out of your product and enables you to onboard solutions to the challenges you face every day in the ever-evolving Apple management ecosystem.

What to expect from your onboarding.

Onsite Onboarding

  • Personalized training by Jamf Pro expert at your location
  • Configuration and setup of Jamf Pro
  • Hands-on training of features and functionality
  • Workflow fundamentals
  • On-premises installation services
  • Engagement days:
    • macOS – two days
    • macOS plus iOS/tvOS – three days

For complex environments or customers needing extra assistance, additional onsite days may be purchased.

Remote Onboarding

  • Personalized training by Jamf Pro expert using remote connection tools
  • Configuration and setup of your Jamf Pro
  • Hands-on training of features and functionality specific to your needs
  • Workflow fundamentals
  • Length of training:
    • macOS: two sessions providing up to eight hours of total training
    • iOS/tvOS: one session providing up to four hours of training

Self-directed Onboarding

  • Available for macOS and iOS
  • Access to online video training with interactive tutorials
  • Designed for Jamf Cloud hosted customers
  • Not recommended for complex environments or large onboardings
  • Length of training: Delivered at customer’s pace

Provided at no additional cost to customers who qualify.