Essential Guide to Antivirus for Mac

The threat landscape today is different from what it was last year. Threats leveraged to exploit devices and gain access to unauthorized data have changed tactics and scope to create new opportunities by using out-of-the-box methods. As work-from-home programs continue to expand, the line between work and home is being moved. It's this shift that is precipitating these changes to malware threats and what IT needs to know to ensure devices continue to run optimally while user data remains secure.

In this e-book, we cover:

  • Define Mac-focused antivirus (AV)
  • Highlight how malware threats are increasingly affecting Mac users
  • Explain why understanding these trends is so vital to securing private data
  • Share what Jamf offers to ensure your Mac devices stay protected

Download this e-book to learn about the latest malware trends impacting the Apple ecosystem and how Jamf helps your organization protect and remediate against these evolving threats.

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