Jamf Adds macOS Malware Prevention and Unified Log Forwarding to Help Organizations Keep Users, Devices and Company Data Secure

MINNEAPOLIS – May 21, 2020 – In the current environment, more organizations are examining their remote employee and work-from-home policies. With employees using their computers at home, new security risks emerge. Today, to better serve enterprises focused on securing their remote workforces, Jamf announced it has added known malware prevention and unified log forwarding capabilities to its enterprise endpoint protection product, Jamf Protect.

Proactively Prevent Malware Without Impacting the Apple Experience

Jamf Protect leverages on-device analysis of macOS activity and visibility into Apple security tools to create customized telemetry. This gives enterprise security teams visibility into their macOS fleet and the ability to respond and block identified threats.

Now, security teams using Jamf Protect can prevent execution of known macOS malware and quarantine the applications to keep end users safe. Further, the new functionality gives security teams central visibility of known malware infection attempts.

Many existing anti-virus solutions impact the end user experience because they aren’t designed with an Apple-first approach. Because Jamf Protect leverages macOS capabilities like the Endpoint Security Framework to enforce malware prevention, the native and intended Apple experience is maintained.

Simplify Compliance with Unified Log Forwarding

With unified log forwarding, the Jamf Protect agent will collect targeted endpoint records from the macOS Unified Log and send it to an organization’s SIEM. This allows companies that monitor endpoint activity for compliance reasons to gather authentication and other activity tracked by macOS into their system of record.

“Our Mac fleet continues to grow and we needed a solution that gave macOS-specific insight and protection,” said an IT manager at SpyCloud, an information security company in Texas. “Jamf Protect gives us the visibility we want into our Mac devices, and now proactively prevents execution of known macOS malware. This ability, all while making compliance requirements easier to meet, reduces operating overhead and allows us to operate at maximum efficiency while keeping company data secure.”

“Previously, organizations with Mac deployments were forced to use tools that focused on other operating systems – creating macOS blind spots, potential security issues and a poor user experience,” said Josh Stein, director of product strategy, Jamf Protect. “With the addition of proactive malware prevention and unified log forwarding, Jamf customers can now stay secure and informed while giving end users the Apple experience they demand.”

About Jamf

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