Jamf 200 Course

Become a Jamf Certified Tech - Jamf Pro from the comfort of your home office.

The Jamf 200 Course offers a core understanding of Jamf Pro, as well as an enterprise-focused examination of the macOS and iOS platforms. Our hands-on, example-based environment is the best way to learn Jamf Pro.


  • Introduction and configuration of Jamf Pro
  • Enrolling computers and mobile devices using Automated Device Enrollment
  • Purchasing and distributing App Store apps using Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager
  • Building and managing packages to deploy to computers
  • Set up and configuration of computers and mobile devices
  • Configuring user environments using .plist files and configuration profiles
  • Simple device security for computers and mobile devices
  • Scripting overview (Bash)
  • Ownership and permissions on computers

What’s included:

  • Four days (9 AM - 5 PM each day) of virtual classroom interaction
  • Server infrastructure
  • Digital course materials
  • Proctored certification exam
  • Jamf Certified Tech - Jamf Pro digital badge issued upon successful completion of the certification exam with a passing score (valid for three years)


  • Abundant hands-on experience with macOS and iOS

  • Optional, but highly encouraged: Jamf Certified Associate - Jamf Pro certification, based on successful completion of the Jamf 100 Course

Customer requirements:

  • A reliable internet connection—capable of receiving 10.0 Mbps and sending 5.0 Mbps

  • A test (non-production) Mac with any version of macOS Sonoma 14 and a functioning camera

  • A test (non-production) iPad with any version of iPadOS 17

  • Optional, but highly encouraged: An additional computer (production) or external monitor


“Non-production” means that the device and computer can be erased before and after the course, supervised, and used for full Jamf Pro enrollment testing in class.

The non-production device and computer must meet the following conditions:

  • Not be currently enrolled in any MDM server or in the scope of an Automated Device Enrollment profile
  • Unassigned in or unaffiliated with Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager

If you do not have an iPad, you can use any non-production iOS device that meets the conditions and customer requirements listed above. macOS virtual machines will not work as a substitute for a physical non-production computer.

Ready to Enroll?

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