Remote Jamf 300 Course

Become a Jamf Certified Admin from the comfort of your home office.

The Remote Jamf 300 Course is your next step learning Jamf Pro and provides a deeper understanding of the macOS and iOS management capabilities within Jamf Pro.


  • Patch management software titles, definitions and policies.
  • Computer and mobile device enrollment using automated MDM enrollment and user-initiated enrollment.
  • Security workflows including FileVault, Activation Lock and restrictions.
  • Collection and modification of additional inventory data.
  • Introduction to the Jamf Pro API.
  • Advanced packaging, script and policy deployment workflows.
  • Sites and delegated Jamf Pro user permissions.
  • Jamf Pro management and deployment framework.
  • User-level configuration profiles.

Customer Requirements:

  • A reliable internet connection - capable of receiving 5.0 Mbps and sending 3.0 Mbps.
  • A personal Apple ID capable of installing applications from the App Store.
  • A test (non-production) computer with any version of macOS 10.15 Catalina and a functioning camera.
  • A test (non-production) iPad with any version of iPad OS 13.
  • Note: Course materials currently do not support macOS 11 Big Sur or iPad OS 14. However, changes are underway and these requirements will be updated in early 2021.

What’s Included:

  • Five days (9 AM - 5 PM each day) of virtual classroom interaction.
  • Server infrastructure.
  • Digital course materials.
  • The certification process is comprised of three (3) graded scenarios administered during class, and practical tasks administered during the afternoon on the last day.
  • Jamf Certified Admin badge on your Jamf Nation profile (upon successfully completing the exam with a passing score).


  • Earned Jamf Certified Tech or Certified Casper Technician (version 9).
  • Previous Jamf Certified Admin or Certified Casper Administrator certification (version 9).
  • Basic scripting knowledge including variables and if statements.

Ready to Enroll?

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