Apple TV deployment in schools: enhancing digital classrooms

Learn about the various ways Apple TV and TrilbyTV support education and celebrate learning in the classroom and around the campus. Plus, discover how easy they are to set up, deploy and manage with Jamf.

April 23 2024 by

Mat Pullen

Teacher performing a lesson using an iPad managed by Jamf.

Apple TV in the classroom

Originally designed with consumers in mind, Apple TV has become an indispensable tool for classroom sharing. Pioneering institutions like Longfield Academy embraced its wireless sharing capabilities, revolutionizing classroom dynamics. Even today, 14 years after the iPad's launch, Apple TV remains integral, especially when combined with Apple Classroom or Jamf School, offering enhanced management features for seamless content sharing via Apple AirPlay.

Apple TV for digital signage screens

Apple AirPlay serves as the cornerstone of Apple TV's functionality, enabling wireless sharing and management of content across devices. This includes features like screen mirroring and content sharing, fostering collaborative learning environments in classrooms.

With 128GB storage and running Apple’s A15 Bionic Chip, it has more than enough power and storage for any digital signage requirements. And there are plenty of mount options available, such as securing to the back of digital signage screens. One notable downside to Apple TV is the lack of a Safari web browser for content playback, such as YouTube videos or online presentations from Google Slides, Microsoft Powerpoint 365 and Canva. But if you don’t mind adding presentations as image-based slideshows, then Apple TV is a viable and cost-effective option to run your digital signage screens.

Apple TV + Jamf + TrilbyTV = easy setup and support

For IT admins with Apple TV and Jamf, TrilbyTV can be deployed with a simple configuration to their Jamf console.

Firstly, an admin should acquire the TrilbyTV app through Apple School Manager and sync this to their Jamf School (or Jamf Pro) instance. TrilbyTV provides a Managed App Config through their console which will automatically enroll devices into their platform once the app is installed.

The Managed App Config should be added to the TrilbyTV app in Jamf before being scoped to the device. Once the app is installed on the Apple TV, it will show up in the TrilbyTV console, where content can be added and synchronized with your Apple TV.

For IT admins with new Apple TV devices, deployment can be as simple as unboxing once the above configuration is complete. With the power of automated device enrollment and Jamf School’s Zero-Touch workflow (or, Auto-Advance in Jamf Pro), admins only need to power the device and connect to ethernet. From there, providing scoping is configured in Jamf, the Apple TV will quickly:

  • Run through the setup assistant
  • Enroll automatically with Jamf
  • Install the TrilbyTV app
  • Connect to your TrilbyTV account

All without needing to touch a remote — which is great news if the Apple TV is tucked away hidden or secured alongside a ceiling-mounted projector.

Apple TV in the classroom: screensharing of teacher devices

Once set up, Apple TV’s role in the classroom to support learning cannot be understated. Teachers have long benefited from being able to share their screen from their computer connected to a projector in the room or via an interactive whiteboard.

Apple TV transforms this concept further by allowing educators to mirror screens wirelessly from their iPads. No wires equal teachers aren’t tethered to their desks which means a whole new experience to utilize the screen while being mobile. For example, by simply having the camera open on the iPad while mirroring, you have a mobile visualizer to help showcase student learning to the class or give a better, close-up view of science experiments. Teachers are no longer tied to the front of the class but have the ability to demonstrate what is on their devices to the entire class from anywhere in the classroom.

Apple TV for digital signage: support school messaging and celebrate learning

Education institutions utilize a combined solution of TrilbyTV, Apple TV and Jamf to share digital content in different ways. One such example is at Kildeer Countryside CCSD 96 in Illinois, where they have over 650 Apple TVs running their digital signage across 8 sites.

Tim Lings, at Heronsgate Primary School, uses TrilbyTV running in Single App Mode to reinforce pupil learning and for retrieval practice within classrooms every day.

Schools and colleges globally are repurposing legacy Apple tech and using it as digital signage screens. Zaytouna Primary Schools is doing just this, utilizing older iPads outside of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 classrooms to share pupils’ digital work. In higher education, there are opportunities too. Norwich University of Arts sets up vintage iMacs to showcase student work during end-of-year exhibitions.

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