Apple TV in the classroom: Unleashing the power of Jamf + Apple TV + Carousel integration

In this JNUC presentation, Eric Henry of Carousel Digital Signage discusses how the Jamf + Apple TV + Carousel integration engages students and creates a sense of belonging in schools.

September 29 2022 by

Hannah Hamilton

Since its founding, Carousel Digital Signage aimed to create a collaborative tool for digital signage that anyone can use. In this presentation, Henry discusses how to use Apple TVs in the classroom and how digital signage can foster relationships between students and teachers.

Technology in the classroom

Since the dawn of the chalkboard to the innovation of the interactive whiteboard, technology has always been critical in education. Proper Apple TV management can bring the focus from the back of the teacher’s head to the center of student experience by complementing other technology. Teachers can utilize iPads for more interactive face-to-face instruction while using Airplay on the TV to reinforce learning objectives. Apple TV digital signage can display announcements and other unified messaging.

Safety, purpose and belonging

Henry reports the results from their survey asking students, “What is the most important thing about school to you?” He offers a few ways digital signage and other technology can support the three common themes that came from these results:

  • Safety: Signage discouraging bullying and enabling students to report bullying incidents via smartphone or iPad
  • Purpose: Signage celebrating student achievements and graduation
  • Belonging: Videos from students encouraging others or showing under-represented groups, or utilizing Airplay interrupt to seamlessly play videos throughout the school

Communication and connection

So how can we ensure students see the broadcasted messages? Henry expands on the Jamf + Apple TV + Carousel integration that allows Airplay interrupt to create full screen alerts to all digital signs throughout the school. Additionally schools can create alert subscriptions so certain alerts have higher priority-- for example, digital signs can interrupt the morning announcements with a more urgent fire drill announcement.

Digital signage has become an important method for communicating information across the campus. Unlike social media and other formats, signage “cuts through the noise” in lunchrooms and classrooms where students commonly congregate.

Jamf + Apple TV + Carousel: A winning combination

This collaboration allows for the quick and easy deployment of content to Apple TVs. Jamf and Carousel make this process seamless for education customers so that they can efficiently engage their communities in the classroom an at home. Customers can take advantage of the Airplay interrupt feature that is unique to this integration, ensuring the right information is available at the right time.

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