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January 27, 2023 by Jesus Vigo

Telemetry series: Collection and Storage (SIEM)

Part two of the blog series on telemetry explores the data-gathering and storage aspects of collecting rich telemetry data. Also, exploring what options are available to organizations to meet their needs, as well as some useful tips to consider when preparing to work with granular data and how to leverage it into actionable tasks, such as how it can inform management workflows.

January 23, 2023 by Tim Herr

Shore up security with advanced Mac management techniques

Learn about some of the ways that IT admins can use Jamf MDM to improve an organization’s security posture.

January 12, 2023 by Hannah Hamilton

Top security priorities: Upgrading IT and data security

IT and security teams are tasked with the hefty responsibilty of securing their organization's data. Without the miracle of an infinite budget, teams have to select tools that give the most security for their buck. This blog post will explore a few investments teams can make to reinforce their security posture while ultimately saving money and resources.

January 9, 2023 by Jesus Vigo

What is telemetry?

Learn about what telemetry is, how it works and why it’s important when actively monitoring your Mac fleet, including how this granular data aids IT and Security teams to determine workflows to identify, hunt, prevent, contain and remediate threats based on actionable data.

December 8, 2022 by Jonathan Locast

Total cost of ownership: Mac versus PC in the enterprise

If the upfront cost is more, how can Mac be less expensive than a PC? We examine the numbers relating to the total cost of ownership (TCO) of Mac and PC, which takes into account the entire lifecycle of a device — not just the initial cost — putting the“Mac versus PC in the enterprise” myths to bed.

November 28, 2022 by Jesus Vigo

A holistic approach to security: visibility and compliance

What are your endpoints doing that they shouldn’t be (or not doing what they should be)? The symbiotic relationship between visibility and compliance is a delicate, yet powerful one if managed properly. With the proper tooling, organizations can not only deploy secured configurations and roll out policies to enforce secure baselines, but they can also gain deep visibility into each endpoint to verify that each device is operating in alignment with company policies and complying with regulatory requirements.

November 16, 2022 by Tim Herr

Don’t overlook the potential of Mac in healthcare

As explained in our e-book, the future of Mac in healthcare is looking bright, with great security capabilities, employee choice and powerful performance driving adoption.

November 15, 2022 by Jesus Vigo

A holistic approach to security: endpoint protection

Comprehensive endpoint protection provides modern threat landscape protection to your entire fleet of Apple endpoints and mobile devices. By protecting against new and evolving threats through effective and efficient defense-in-depth strategies, Jamf endpoint security solutions are not only best-of-breed, but their powerful and flexible workflows help organizations like yours to succeed with Apple at work without compromising data security, user privacy or end-user productivity.

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