Jamf After Dark: Microsoft Ignite

Jamf After Dark podcast hosts Kat Garbis and Sean Rabbitt discuss the Microsoft Ignite conference with Katie John and Steve Wood of Jamf.

December 13 2023 by

Laurie Mona

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In this episode of Jamf After Dark, podcast hosts Kat Garbis and Sean Rabbitt discuss the 2023 Microsoft Ignite conference with Katie John, Jamf Microsoft Partner Manager and Steve Wood, Jamf Sales Engineer.

Rabbitt, John and Wood recap their experience at the annual Seattle conference where they represented Jamf with a product booth, live demo and a Q & A session.

They say that even though it was a Microsoft conference, they saw quite a few Apple devices – lots of people on Macs, iPhone, iPads - with Jamf enthusiasts stopping by the booth to share their love for the product.

For many attendees, the first question asked was, why is Jamf at a Microsoft event?

The answer: Jamf and Microsoft can work better together. This includes over 14 different integrations with Microsoft, conditional access to our SSL, integration with Microsoft Sentinel for feeding out data from Jamf Protect and much more.

Secured out of the box

In a 15-minute live demo, Rabbitt showed both the ease of setting up a drop-shipped new computer with Jamf Connect and a Microsoft Entra ID, and how Jamf Trust routes data for Microsoft conditional access policies, restricting access to resources that are gated with Microsoft Entra ID.

He then demonstrated how a laptop secured with Jamf Protect rejects malware as its downloaded, feeding data to Microsoft Sentinel. “So those folks out there in the world that are used to Microsoft Tools who want all their security events in one place, both Jamf Protect as well as the Jamf security portal for network threat events happening fed in beautifully. And people were able to see that in a short, short period of time,” said Rabbitt.

Jamf AND Microsoft: better together

This event was a great opportunity to educate attendees about the ways Jamf and Microsoft complement each other. “I talked to so many people last week who just weren't aware of everything that we had to offer and all the different integrations,” says John.

When it comes to ecosystem management, Microsoft solutions can be used alongside using Jamf for Apple technology – “They fit together nicely,” says John.

This podcast also discusses:

Listen to the full Jamf After Dark episode to learn more about why Jamf and Microsoft are better together – and why you shouldn’t be surprised to see Jamf at future Microsoft events.

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