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August 18, 2022 by Jesus Vigo

Security and your organization: Black Hat 2022 survey results

Jamf was on-hand at Black Hat 2022 to meet with customers and discuss the modern security landscape directly with the Security and IT professionals themselves. See what they had to say about the current state of security at their organizations when asked about it in Jamf’s anonymous survey conducted right from the showroom floor.

August 16, 2022 by Jesus Vigo

App Installer Success Story: Zoom

Read about how Jamf’s App Installer technology succeeded in patching Macs throughout Jamf’s organization against a vulnerability recently found within Zoom and classified as high severity. Threat mitigation meets automation.

August 3, 2022 by Kathryn Joy

UCHealth’s mass vaccination solution continues to resonate

Learn from each other, leverage technology and look ahead to the future of healthcare.

July 28, 2022 by Breean Moreno

Making medical imaging accessible to everyone: Butterfly iQ+

Integrating Butterfly Network's innovative hand-held Ultrasound-on-Chip™ technology with Jamf supports HIPAA-compliant patient care while making medical imaging accessible everywhere.

June 22, 2022 by Jesus Vigo

What is Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)?

Endpoint security goes well beyond preventing malware and staying up to date with the latest patches. In fact, employing both of those safety measures doesn’t guarantee that your organization’s devices won’t be targeted by threat actors.

Endpoint detection and response (EDR), on the other hand, provides a powerful yet intuitive solution. This comprises an integrated, layered approach to endpoint security that combats cybersecurity threats through:

  • Continuous monitoring, combined with granular device health metrics
  • Gathering data and analyzing it frequently to determine if issues are detected
  • Deciding whether further investigation is needed or if endpoints should be quarantined and remediated
  • Utilizing behavioral analytics, rules-based responses and advanced machine-learning (ML) technology.
June 16, 2022 by Jesus Vigo

macOS Security Basics Series: The One Where Everyone Read Your Data Because It Wasn’t Encrypted

Encrypting your data may seem like a foreign concept to some users. It may be the stuff of thriller-type novels and spy yarns. But the reality is that encrypting data is a fundamental security control that is built-in into every version of macOS(and iOS for that matter) that serves a singular purpose: keeping unauthorized users from accessing your personal, corporate and privacy data whenever your computer is not in use. As a matter of fact, the benefits combined with a dead simple setup make it a “no brainer” for business and personal users alike, leaving users to wonder why they didn’t enable it sooner.

June 15, 2022 by Kathryn Joy

BYOD: The healthcare MVP

In our spring event, we highlighted the new feature focused on Apple’s announcement for Service Discovery and our BYOD workflow that supports a simple and secure BYO workflow. BYOD has taken a front-and-center role throughout the enterprise, and healthcare organizations shouldn’t be an exception. Learn about BYOD and its importance in healthcare.

June 13, 2022 by Laurie Mona

Jamf celebrates 20 years of helping organizations succeed with Apple

Jamf celebrated our 20-year anniversary on June 10, 2022. Thank you, Jamf Nation, for helping us to grow and reach so many milestones along the way!

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