What's new in Jamf Pro 11.5

Jamf releases Jamf Pro 11.5!

In this blog, you will learn about how the new features and functionalities included in the Jamf Pro 11.5 release.

May 16 2024 by

Sean Smith

Grouping of Jamf admins releasing light-filled kites celebrating the release of Jamf Pro 11.1

Jamf Pro, the gold standard in Apple device management, continues to build functionality helping Jamf Pro admins simplify work. In the 11.5 release, Jamf Pro adds improvements to its Microsoft Entra ID integration workflows, the user interface for various pages, the login user experience and more.

Microsoft Entra ID integration improvement

Integrating Jamf Pro with Microsoft Entra ID as a cloud identity provider allows admins to perform directory-based workflows like looking up all users and groups for inventory purposes, configuring user authentication and scoping, and more. Historically, in order to utilize this integration following Microsoft‘s requirements, Jamf Pro had to request a specific privilege called [Directory.Read.All]. For many organizations, this permission was too broad of a request to be granted to third parties (like Jamf Pro).

In Jamf Pro 11.5, the [Directory.Read.All] permission requirement has been removed. The Jamf Pro Entra ID connector application has been updated to support the requesting of a lower delegated permissions in Entra ID. The new integration permissions are:

  • [Group.Read.All]
  • [User.Read.All]
  • [Group.Members.Read.All]
  • [Users.Read]

Jamf Pro 11.5 supports Microsoft’s newest guidelines, which ensures admins that only necessary permissions are needed to utilize this integration. For admins who want to start using the integration because of the updated permission requirements, the above permission set is included automatically; for existing integrations, a new button has been added to the Entra ID integrations screen called Refresh Consent. By clicking on this button, admins give consent to the new permission set.

Managed software updates: auto-fallback option for unsupported install action

Managed software updates help admins by updating the Operating System (OS) of a mobile device or computer that belongs to smart or static group membership lists, removing the need for inventory searches and reducing the number of screens required for deploying OS updates. The install actions Download, install and allow deferral and Download, install and restart are only supported on macOS devices running macOS 12.3 or later and are not available to iOS, iPadOS or tvOS devices.

With Jamf Pro 11.5, if an admin sends an unsupported install action to a mobile device and computer group simultaneously, Jamf Pro changes the command to Download and install for mobile devices. This enhancement to managed software updates means Jamf Pro admins do not need to create multiple update plans and it will help mobile devices stay up-to-date with supported commands.

If an admin is only updating a mobile device group, the Download, Install and Restart and Download, Install and Allow Referral install actions no longer appear.

Custom login disclaimer

In Jamf Pro 11.5, admins have access to a new setting that allows admins to configure a custom disclaimer message that displays to Jamf Pro users when they log in. This message is displayed as a pop-up dialogue and must be acknowledged before Jamf Pro can be used.

For organizations with policy requirements, this new feature means Jamf Pro admins must acknowledge certain terms before using Jamf Pro. The disclaimer can also be used to display helpful or important information before a user begins a session.

Enabling LAPS in the Jamf Pro interface

The Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) allows admins to use Jamf Pro to automatically store, rotate and view the randomized password of a managed local administrator account. With Jamf Pro 11.5, Jamf Pro admins can now enable LAPS and update rotation interval settings via the Jamf Pro User Interface (UI). The enhancement helps admins with the ability to define settings for the local administrator accounts configured in the user-initiated enrollment settings and PreStage enrollments.

UI redesigns: content filter payload and packages page

Jamf Pro has updated designs for the following pages:

  • The [Content Filter] payload for mobile device configuration profiles.
  • The Packages settings page

These redesigns bring these pages to match the design of Jamf Pro 11. They also feature various accessibility improvements including larger font sizes, reduced clutter, and greater contrast between font and background colors.

The Packages settings page redesign also features new functionality:

  • A floating progress bar that displays the upload progress of a package
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for uploading packages or manifest files
  • Customizable display columns and pinning functionality to create custom layouts
  • Search and select all functionality for the uploaded packages list view
  • Data export functionality directly from packages list view
  • Download functionality for previously uploaded packages directly from the Jamf Cloud Distribution Service (JCDS)

To learn about all of the updates to Jamf Pro 11.5, visit the release notes or try Jamf Pro for yourself.

To learn about all of the updates to Jamf Pro 11.5, visit the release notes.