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October 12, 2023 by Jesus Vigo

macOS Security Basics series: The One Where Your Data Wasn’t Encrypted with FileVault

Encrypting your data may seem like a foreign concept to some users. It may be the stuff of thriller-type novels and spy yarns. But the reality is that encrypting data is a fundamental security control that is built into every version of macOS (and iOS/iPadOS for that matter) that serves a singular purpose: keeping unauthorized users from accessing your personal, corporate and privacy data whenever your computer is not in use. As a matter of fact, the benefits combined with a dead simple setup make it a “no-brainer” for business and personal users alike, leaving users to wonder why they didn’t enable it sooner.

October 6, 2023 by Jesus Vigo

Manage and secure your most vulnerable endpoints: Mobile devices

Managing and securing your most vulnerable endpoints, mobile devices requires more than just MDM or mobile threat defense solutions. Admins need to be able to converge these technologies as part of their existing security strategy to ensure a strong, organizational security posture.

In this blog, learn more about how the integration of macOS and mobile devices is the future but also key to holistic, endpoint protection strategies. Also:

  • Insight into current mobile security challenges and solutions
  • The importance of mobile-specific security measures
  • An overview of holistic endpoint protection
  • And best practices for mobile security policy implementation
September 15, 2023 by Jesus Vigo

What is Mobile Security?

Securing your mobile fleet, while sharing many similarities with desktop computers, may vary vastly depending on variables specific only to mobile technology. In this blog we breakdown some of those factors unique to mobile devices, which include:

August 22, 2023 by Jesus Vigo

Migrating to Jamf in 3 easy steps

Changing your Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution can greatly benefit your organization. Especially so if your current solution neither meets your unique technical and/or security requirements nor provides the flexibility or scale needed for rapid device growth. Discover how easy it is to migrate from your existing MDM provider to Jamf Pro while enabling user productivity— without wiping or reenrolling devices. Here are clear steps on how to effortlessly complete this project.

August 9, 2023 by Jesus Vigo

Understanding Security Frameworks: Guide for IT Security Professionals

In this webinar series, Aaron Webb explains what security frameworks are, their importance and explains the critical role they play when securing your organization’s environment. This includes the importance of establishing risk management and compliance best practices and how Jamf solutions brings together device management, user identity and endpoint security for a comprehensive security solution based on the security framework that meets your organizational needs.

August 3, 2023 by Jesus Vigo

What are the security risks of AI?

AI is the latest industry buzzword making the rounds. But beyond the hype lies a technology that aims to provide so many benefits – from agriculture to healthcare – a veritable “sky’s the limit” awaits us. As with all things technology, there are some steep downsides to AI in the form of security risks, but fret not as we cover the most critical ones while providing a silver lining in the form of strategies that may be used to minimize risk to further promote safe, ethical usage of AI-based models.

July 18, 2023 by Jesus Vigo

G2 Summer 2023 Report

The phrase “lightning never strikes the same place twice” is a commonly held belief that holds little grounding in science. In fact, lightning can and does strike the same place multiple times and nowhere is that as evident as Jamf solutions once again scoring top marks in G2’s Summer 2023 report.

June 23, 2023 by Adam Mahmud

WWDC 2023 Takeaways: The impact on health and wellness

While WWDC brings a number of exciting announcements for developers and users alike, impactful innovations in Apple’s longstanding mission to improve health and wellness were also visibly on display.

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