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April 3, 2018 by Liarna La Porta

What exactly is happening when an app leaks data?

What are app leaks and how do I know if my apps are leaking data?

February 18, 2018 by Liarna La Porta

What are third party app stores and are they safe?

Learn more about third party app stores and why people use them even with the risks they can pose for your mobile device.

February 5, 2018 by Joel Windels

What do employees actually do on their work phones?

Let's talk about the most popular apps for iPhone and Android, how they impact data usage and what you can do about it.

January 19, 2018 by Liarna La Porta

Apps that are outliving their developers

What happens when apps that are no longer supported by their developers live on in your phone? Learn about the security, memory and other consequences of leaving discontinued apps lying around.

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