Google Cloud Next recap

Did you catch the last Google Cloud Next? We did — get a recap of this event for companies using Google Cloud and Google Workspace.

April 24 2024 by

Sam Weiss

Michael Covington speaks at Google Cloud Next 2024

Last week, Jamf participated in Google Cloud Next, an enterprise-focused event catering to companies using Google Cloud and Google Workspace. Established in 2015, this edition marked the first Next held outside the familiar confines of the Moscone Center in California. Boasting an attendance of over 30,000 individuals, this iteration of Next proved to be the largest yet. For those who were unable to attend or weren’t able to see everything, here’s a recap.

Location, location, location

In 2023, Google Cloud Next reached the capacity limits of the Moscone Center, underscoring the need for a change. Google made the decision to relocate the conference to Las Vegas for 2024 and beyond. The new venue provided conference convenience, with all sessions and halls easily accessible from within Mandalay Bay. Gone are the days of navigating through congested streets; attendees could seamlessly transition between keynote addresses, the expo hall and smaller sessions. Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian set the tone on day one, addressing topics ranging from AI advancements to new productivity tools like Google Vids. Mandalay Bay provided a fitting backdrop, adorned with Google's signature hues of blue, red, yellow and green.

AI in security and productivity

AI permeated discussions and sessions throughout Cloud Next. Google showcased advancements in AI compute and technology, while also emphasizing AI-powered features within their Google Workspace and Google Cloud platforms. Examples included new NVIDIA AI processors for data centers, as well as productivity-enhancing tools such as "Take notes for me" and real-time translation during Google Meets. This inclusive approach ensures accessibility to AI for end users of productivity tools, IT admins in Google Workspace, engineers in Google Cloud or security analysts leveraging platforms like Google Chronicle.

Updates to Google Workspace further underscored Google's commitment to driving user productivity and collaboration. For a thorough review of everything new with Google Workspace, see the Jamf sponsored recap by tabGeeks for the biggest Google Workspace announcement from Google Cloud Next. Included in the video is a Jamf booth tour and interview with Jamf’s VP of Portfolio Strategy, Michael Covington.

Interview with Michael Covington lead by tabGeeks on YouTube

Interview with Michael Covington from tabGeeks on YouTube

Watch the recap.

Chrome Enterprise Premium

Chrome Enterprise is the most trusted enterprise browser, prioritizing security without compromising the user-friendly experience. This year, it received significant attention with the introduction of Chrome Enterprise Premium, a new offering the provides enhanced security and access controls, including in-browser data loss prevention, and more.

The announcement of Chrome Enterprise Core and Chrome Enterprise Premium signals greater visibility and awareness of secure browsing experiences tailored to business needs.

Learn more about how Chrome Enterprise Premium can support businesses just like yours.

Jamf's VP of Portfolio Strategy, Michael Covington, joined Marco Genovese, Global Head of Chrome Security Architecture, for a CloudTalk session discussing the integration of Jamf and Chrome Enterprise to establish Trusted Access within the Apple ecosystem. Jamf provides Apple-specific value to organizations running on Google Workspace, Google Cloud and Google Chrome by:

  • Deploying Chrome
  • Enabling enterprise features
  • Providing trusted signals about a device’s security posture

Customers, partners, new friends — it was nice to see you!

Jamf engaged with numerous organizations at Google Cloud Next, discussing their Apple ecosystem optimization needs. Discussions revolved around:

  • Providing streamlined experiences for end users
  • Empowering IT and security teams with critical tools
  • Jamf integrations with Google Identity, context-aware access, and Google Chronicle

To all who visited our booth for conversations or participated in activities, we thank you for making us part of your Google Cloud Next. We appreciate the opportunity to contribute to your world-class, user-centric Apple device deployments.

Until the next Next, reach out to Jamf to discuss more about succeeding with Google and Apple.

Customers and Jamf representatives at Next

The Jamf and Google integration keeps you productive and secure.