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July 27, 2023 by Sam Weiss

Jamf integration with Google Cloud’s BeyondCorp helps secure iOS and iPadOS devices

Jamf integrations with Google Cloud security now includes BeyondCorp for iOS and iPadOS devices.

Jamf’s new integrations with Google Cloud security now help secure iOS and iPadOS devices.

Zero-trust coverage of the entire Apple ecosystem

Some of the world’s most fascinating and innovative companies choose Google Workspace as their productivity and collaboration platform. They know that it’s fast, easy to get started, and built for organizations that need to stay closely connected.

At the same time, these companies choose Apple hardware because… well, for so many reasons: Apple devices are reliable, a long-lasting investment, and provide an excellent end-user experience.

But when you’re in charge of your organization’s IT, how do you manage and secure your Apple devices, while rolling out Google Cloud’s cross-platform product suite?

  • How will you ensure Chrome and Drive are installed and ready to go on day one?

  • How do you guarantee that employees can log into their work computers with their work credentials?

  • What do you need to make the zero-trust dream a reality, ensuring that only verified users can access content from secure devices?

  • How do you start a BYOD program that employees are excited about?

Your trusted access security solution: Google BeyondCorp and Jamf

The newest integration from Jamf and Google Cloud offers industry-leading zero-trust coverage of the entire Apple ecosystem, providing secure access to your organization’s data and systems regardless of whether user devices are BYOD or corporate.

Expanding on the support for MacOS we launched last year, the latest Jamf Pro release supports BeyondCorp on iOS and iPadOS devices. This enables organizations to restrict access to corporate resources from any non-compliant device.

With this integration, you can take advantage of the flexibility of Google Workspace alongside a third-party mobile device management (MDM) solution.

Jamf is the first unified endpoint manager (UEM)/MDM that supports BeyondCorp across Apple computers and mobile devices.

What does the BeyondCorp Jamf integration mean for you?

Instead of relying on a Google Cloud MDM profile on the device, you can use the rich device inventory in Jamf Pro to determine the specific level of compliance that meets your needs. For some organizations, enrollment may be all you want. Others may require that devices be encrypted, up-to-date and have Jamf Trust installed. You have the flexibility to meet the needs of whatever compliance means to your organization.

The result: When devices are registered and compliant, users can seamlessly access resources like Gmail, Google Drive, and the other Google Workspace tools that power their day. And if a device isn’t compliant or enrolled in the Jamf MDM, users can receive messaging with potential remediation options.

Jamf’s integrations with Google Cloud across management, security and identity workflows make it a perfect companion for IT admins. Make your Apple devices first-class citizens in your Google Cloud environment with Jamf and BeyondCorp.

Jamf is excited to expand this partnership to better secure and protect your mobile workforce. We look forward to continuing the collaborations between Jamf and Google Cloud that strengthen Apple security, streamline your workflows and enhance employee productivity.

Learn more about the Jamf and Google Cloud partnership.

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