Jamf Educator gets streamlined updates

We recently made significant updates to the Jamf Educator platform, introducing a redesigned landing page that guides users' journey from Learn to Grow to Share.

April 26 2024 by

Mat Pullen

Teacher using iPad managed by Jamf to lead classroom instruction.

Beauty and brains

Alongside the website redesign, we've also revamped the simulation to reflect the updated UI in the application, ensuring a seamless learning experience for all visitors.

Jamf Educator interface on an iPad offering three modules, Learn, Grow and Share

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Our program offers valuable resources to facilitate ongoing professional development. Leverage Jamf Educator and our Ed Tech track resources to craft informational sessions, staff meeting agendas or teacher training programs. These resources empower schools to implement iPad and new workflows efficiently and at scale.


The updated Jamf Educator features content-rich hubs, consolidating educational resources under one roof. Explore the Keep Learning section for continuous professional education and links to educator resources to support classroom management from Apple and Jamf. Delve into Extend Learning with Education Solutions to discover new ways to streamline workflows and empower student success with our partner tools, detailing key integrations and configuration possibilities.


Become part of a growing community of Jamf Educators. With an updated version of Jamf Nation, you can connect with educators worldwide, share insights and access educational resources seamlessly. By using the same Jamf ID, you can engage in discussions and learn from others while staying updated on the latest educational offerings. Want to find out how others are benefitting from Jamf in their classrooms? Check out Stories of Impact and consider how you might share your own story with the wider community.

Showcase your expertise

Upon certification as a Jamf Educator, you'll receive a prestigious badge and certificate. Share your achievements on social media or display certificates in your classroom; using them to showcase your expertise.

And don't forget to use #JamfEducator to share your success with the community.

Join us on this journey as you Learn, Grow and Share with Jamf Educator.

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