Jamf Educator, Built for Educators by Educators

Hear from two current Jamfs that have over 25 years of classroom experience. Jamf Educator provides both Educators and those responsible for Educational Technology, a custom-built platform to learn about the Jamf Teacher app in a practical and applicable, simulation environment.

Jamf School customers can experience the simple yet powerful tools of the Jamf Teacher app without needing to set up in the live environment. With two tracks dedicated to the role of Ed Tech and Educators, each containing 4 stops, the self-paced learning journey provides customers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to implement and use the Jamf Teacher app enhancing classroom communication and workflows and provide simple tools for teachers to help their school succeed with Apple. As each stop is completed, users are awarded a certificate for their professional development folder. Once each stop is completed, customers can take a short quiz to gain their Jamf Educator badge and share their recognition with the Education community via social media.