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September 8, 2021 by Aaron Webb

5 reasons to become a Jamf Educator

The new Jamf Educator platform offers a broad range of support for users who want to refine their understanding of the Jamf Teacher app. Learn more about why you should try out this program.

On September 1, we released the brand-new Jamf Educator platform to support the use of the Jamf Teacher app for educators. The program provides teachers with resources developed by both Jamf and Apple, helps them discover the powerful classroom tools and features within the Jamf Teacher app and provides a simulation environment in which to safely experiment before pursuing recognition with a Jamf Educator badge for those who complete the program.

It’s a fantastic program, and here’s why we think you should participate in it.

  1. The program builds knowledge of tools you already have access to with Jamf. Jamf Teacher is a free app loaded with features to support teachers and enable positive learning outcomes. This program gives educators the chance to discover, try and apply these apps without needing to open an IT ticket or to perform testing in a live environment. It’s a safe space in which to learn before asking IT to deploy the app with a clear understanding of the benefit it will bring to the classroom.
  2. Join a growing community of Jamf Educators. Jamf Educator is not our only new release. An updated version of Jamf Nation is also available, which goes perfectly with Jamf Educator. By using the same Jamf ID for Jamf Educator, users will be able to access the Jamf Nation community to find out more about our educational offerings and connect with educators from around the world in a dedicated hub. Our users also use the #JamfEducator hashtag on Twitter to connect with like-minded professionals and find new educator-focused content and sessions (all completely free).
  3. Resources to help deliver ongoing professional development. It’s not just about the badges. There are some fantastic resources here to help schools roll out the Jamf Teacher app. Use Jamf Educator and the resources in the Ed Tech track to find the basis of an informational session, the agenda for a staff meeting or a slot on your teacher training days. It’s a great way to build out the use of iPad and new workflows and tools as a school at scale.
  4. Access Jamf educational content in one place. One great addition to Jamf Educator is the presence of content-rich hubs. Work on your continuing professional education with the offerings under the Keep Learning heading, or explore new ways to extend and streamline your workflows with Integrations & Tools. These spaces provide users with easy-to-navigate collections of Jamf and Apple educational resources to help you discover new possibilities and empower student success.
  5. Use the Jamf Educator badge and certificates! When you get certified as a Jamf Educator, you receive a nifty badge that you can share on your social feeds or email signature. You can print out your certificates and frame in your classroom, or even use them as a sign for your classroom door. Whatever you decide to do with your new credentials, use #JamfEducator to let us know on social media.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the Jamf Educator platform and sign up today.

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Aaron Webb
Aaron Webb is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Class of 2013, with more than 15 years of IT and education experience. Aaron has been at the forefront of transforming education with Apple technologies with two Apple Distinguished Schools in London, UK. He is currently Jamf's product marketing manager for education.
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