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Convince your boss to go to JNUC

Want to go to the JNUC, but have a skeptical superior to convince? Here are five things you can say to help get their approval to go.

Want to go to the 2015 JAMF Nation User Conference (JNUC), but have a skeptical superior to convince? Here are five things you can say to help get their approval to go.

  1. We have this incredible and powerful tool with the Casper Suite — shouldn’t we get the most out of it?
    Yes, you should. And with over 40 user and community presentations, and face-to-face time with 1,000 Apple administrators, you’ll see and hear some of the smartest and most creative solutions for taking full advantage of the Casper Suite.
  2. It’s completely free to register. Yes, that’s right, free.
    Just try to find an IT conference with a better ROI.
  3. I’ll pick up new ideas and practical workflows that will ready our organization for the future.
    Past JNUCs have shown attendees how to manage a large iPad rollout, scale a JSS for 30,000 devices, create an internal Genius Bar, implement a “flipped” classroom, and deploy a highly secured OS, just to name a few. We’re always looking for ‘what’s next’ and there’s no doubt the highly engaged JAMF Nation community will be working on the latest solutions for iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite this October.
  4. Hands-on training beats poring over a manual any day.
    Nothing is better than being there in person. The workshops, labs, hallway conversations, thought leadership and, yes, even after-session happy hours, all combine to give you tools and ideas to increase the value of IT in your organization.
  5. It’s three days of dedicated time with IT peers who do the same things I do everyday.
    Got a question? Guaranteed you’ll get an answer on the spot. Have a specific technology challenge? The person right next to you probably did too — and has advice on how to solve it. Maybe there’s a script you’d like to bounce off someone in the know. The biggest gathering of Apple admins is all ears and at your disposal.

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