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Discover five Apple technologies that are revolutionizing the digital classroom.

Five Apple technologies that will revolutionize the digital classroom

Read how Apple technologies help teachers better engage with students and create more interactive learning opportunities.

Apple has contributed both technical innovation and dedicated compassion to education and learning. Over the years, Apple continues to introduce technologies that transform and enhance learning, help teachers better engage with students, and create interactive learning opportunities for students of all ages.

Apple knows that the needs, the purpose, and the success of any technology are tied to the people that create it, implement it, and use it. As we embark on our efforts to introduce personalized and transformative learning programs, let’s take a moment to review a few technologies that Apple has introduced to benefit educational programs.

  1. The Device Enrollment Program (DEP) makes it easy for schools to deploy or re-deploy new hardware with no involvement from IT and a simple, streamlined process for teachers and students.
  2. The Volume Purchase Program (VPP) makes it easy for IT organizations to get the right learning apps to the right students at the right time for a transformative and personalized learning experience — all while saving school districts significant costs.
  3. Guided Access technology enables teachers to focus student iPads on specific learning apps, websites, and attention cues to guide students through activities and help teachers regain instruction time.
  4. iBeacons enable technologies such as content, printers, and AirPlay mirroring to be automatically deployed to student iPads as they enter a classroom. iBeacons can also be used to automate attendance and apply specific settings to student iPads while they are in areas where standardized tests are being conducted.
  5. iBooks provide powerful, interactive digital learning materials to students that far exceed text books or PDFs, with the ability to embed videos, polls, presentations, and other transformational learning tools.

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