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Five reasons why the Casper Suite is the best Apple device management tool

Discover how the Casper Suite helps IT ensure security standards, accurate inventory, and efficient deployment capabilities are maintained on all Apple devices. 

With iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, Apple has established that technology can be fluid and adaptable, and not constrained to a single device or application. Whether a user is using his or her iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, their work and learning should stay with them and seamlessly transition no matter where they go.

For organizations that believe, embrace, and want to take advantage of this philosophy, only one management tool will do. Here are five reasons why Apple and the Casper Suite are a match made in the enterprise:

  1. The Casper Suite is specifically designed within Apple’s iOS and OS X architectures to provide extendable, actionable, and integrated inventory.
  2. It integrates with Apple Global Service Exchange and Volume Purchasing Program to deliver immediate and accurate warranty and license management information.
  3. The Casper Suite leverages Apple’s Device Enrollment Program, App Store, and eBook distribution to enable automated and modular deployment capabilities and save valuable time.
  4. It uses Mobile Device Management, FileVault 2, and Gatekeeper to ensure the utmost security standards and protocols are maintained. 
  5. Only Casper Suite comes with JAMF Nation—the largest, most resourceful, helpful, and passionate community of Apple administrators in the world.

Need more reasons? Tour our website or visit jamfnation.com and ask someone. 

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