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Joe Yamada explains how to get smart with your iPad deployments, at the JAMF Nation User Conference

Getting Smart with Your iPad Deployment

Joe Yamada, mobile device administrator at the Northshore School District in Bothwell, WA uses a dish rack to hold iPads that are being synched in place. Yup. We’d not only call that smart, but seriously savvy. Maxwell Smart, aka Agent 86, would most certainly be proud. Throughout his session, Joe shared the fountain of knowledge he’s acquired while deploying iPads in various scenarios. Some of the highlights included:

  • QR codes can be really handy for getting devices enrolled
  • Scope PDFs to iPads using the eBook catalog and Self Service
  • Look for cases that have rubber reinforcement on the edges
  • When creating Apple IDs with staff, be aware of time-out issues

Agent 99 would most certainly say, “Good thinking, Max.” We couldn't agree more.

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