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April 24, 2019 by Kerry Fortman

How to help teachers succeed with iPad

Here are three tips to ensure teachers are maximizing your education technology initiative.

Are you offering your students and teachers education technology? How’s it going? If you think it could be going better, we can help.

The success of education technology initiatives often starts with teachers. Are they comfortable with the iPad devices you are offering them? Do they know how to integrate the technology into their curriculum? Are they taking advantage of all the cool options that are at their fingertips? To ensure you can say “Yes!” to all of these questions, let us provide some insight on ways to help teachers feel comfortable with the tools they are given.

Identify why teachers aren’t adopting your technology

There are a variety of potential reasons why your teachers may not be using iPad in their classrooms. One Edsurge article reported that 37 percent of teachers want to use technology in their classroom, but simply don’t know how. Digital literacy is a key learning trait for both students and teachers in the modern era; however, if your teachers were never taught how to be digitally literate themselves, setting expectations to teach on this subject can be very challenging.

Provide informative and adequate training for teachers

Depending on how comfortable your teachers are with technology will play a lot into how you can provide adequate training to get them up and running in the classroom. It is important to think about how different teachers learn. Just like students, many teachers have different learning styles and preferences, and to ensure you have the highest success rate of technology adoption, you may need to implement a variety of training methods including 1-to-1 training or broad monthly meetings.

Gut-check your technology foundation

You can provide hours and hours of training, but if you didn’t implement the technology right in the first place, you and your users will face a lot of problems down the road. Make sure you’ve set up a solid technology foundation for deploying devices and distributing apps.

To gain more insights on how to set your teachers up for success with the technology they have in the classroom — primarily iPads — download our comprehensive guide: iPad Training for Teachers: Setting Educators up for iPad Success in the Classroom.

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Or watch this video on empowering teachers and students with iPad in the classroom.

Kerry Fortman
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