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Karl Gibson and Jody Rodgers talk about deploying Adobe Creative Suite with Jamf Pro during JNUC.

If the Creative Cloud is in the Cloud, Then How Can it Be Deployed?

Adobe and JAMF Software have had a long relationship together which was demonstrated quite nicely with Karl Gibson, Adobe's product manager for their IT tools, being introduced by Jody Rodgers, who had previously been in that same role but now is a product manager for JAMF Software. Karl asked the question (also his presentation title), "If the Creative Cloud is in the Cloud, Then How Can it Be Deployed?" His original title was rather obtuse: "If a turtle loses its shell, is it naked or homeless? If the Creative Cloud is in the cloud, then how can it be deployed?" And with that said, there was an actual shell-less turtle in his presentation. After Karl's homage to the work that Jody did for the IT community while at Adobe, he moved on to cover the current state of IT tools that are used for packaging the Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

Karl gave the audience a preview of the forthcoming Creative Cloud Packager 1.3 which will allow IT admins the ability to download and package both CS6 applications and the newer Creative Cloud applications for environments that are either using a mix of those creative tools or have yet to deploy Creative Cloud in their organization. Creative Cloud Packager 1.3 will also support the native .pkg installers like the new Edge HTML set of tools. Karl explained that the Creative Cloud Packager will continue to support the packaging of apps for deployment that do not require Adobe IDs. He also highlighted that by using the Creative Cloud Packager, the experience of getting media from the Adobe Licensing website is now as simple as logging and downloading one app (Creative Cloud Packager) and one serial number (rather than wading through multiple installers in different languages and many serial numbers).

Karl demonstrated that Adobe's commitment to improving the experience for IT admins is strong and that we can expect more great things from the relationship between Adobe and JAMF down the road.

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