Introducing Jamf ID to Jamf Nation

Introducing Jamf ID: deploying soon.

February 20 2020 by

Mark Sonntag

Today, we are excited to announce the deployment of Jamf ID to Jamf Nation. Jamf ID allows users to access both Jamf Nation and Training using one set of login credentials — a big step in providing a unified and seamless login experience.

In an effort to make this process as smooth as possible, this deployment with automatically migrate Jamf Nation users to Jamf ID when they log in to Jamf Nation. This means users that were logged in prior to the migration going into effect will need to log out and back in to their Jamf Nation account to be migrated.

For users that already have a Training and Jamf Nation account with the same email address, there is one extra step that requires them to update their password. Since there is a chance these users have two passwords for one credential, resetting the password will reconcile their conflict.

For Jamf Nation users that have Jamf Pro, Jamf Connect, or Jamf School subscriptions, this means they will have access to the Training Catalog with no additional steps. If you are one of these users, come check out the training catalog at

As a part of the seamless experience, we ensured that this process will not impact any past user data or activity. User profile and all Jamf Nation history and Training activity will be preserved, and no additional steps need to be taken to access this information.

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