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July 30, 2019 by Garrett Denney

Introducing Jamf Pro 10.14

From workflow improvements to brand new features, Jamf Pro 10.14. is packed with functionality that will make your management life better and help you serve your end users more comprehensively.

With offices around the world, it can be difficult to find a weather-related anecdote that covers our whole team— but suffice it to say that as summer has chugged along (for offices in the northern hemisphere, anyway), we’ve been hard at work on an exciting evolution of Jamf Pro. We are thrilled to finally give you a first look at how the product is growing.

Today, we’re launching Jamf Pro 10.14. From workflow improvements to brand new features, this release is packed with functionality that will make your management life better and help you serve your end users more comprehensively.

Let’s take a look at a few of the top changes from this release. (For a full rundown, check out our release notes.)

Jamf Parent

Deploying Apple devices with Jamf School or Jamf Pro in a school or district is the best way to empower end users with the devices they know and prefer while meeting IT needs. For many users, it is natural to want to continue to use devices for homework and additional study outside of school hours.

As we’ve continued to double down on education this year, we’ve also been thinking about users who might be less familiar with school-provided technology: parents. Whether a parent is a technology pro or just dipping their toe into the water, seeing a child bring home a school-owned device for the first time can be daunting.

To better empower parents and support student learning, we’re proud to unveil Jamf Parent, a new iOS app that is available to customers deploying both Jamf Pro and Jamf School at no cost. The free app is an easy way for parents to oversee and manage their child’s institutionally-owned devices, including real-time restriction of apps by category (blocking all social media apps, for example).

Read more about setting up Jamf Parent.

We also have a one-page sheet that you can offer to parents as you deploy Jamf Parent to help answer questions and walk them through setup.

App Request

Next-generation learning starts at the intersection of Apple technology and personalized learning. With millions of apps at your teachers’ disposal, the App Store is a powerful tool for unlocking specific resources and teaching tools— taking learning to new heights.

App Request is a new Jamf Pro workflow that lives within Self Service for iPad. With it, teachers can seamlessly search for a needed app and submit a request to IT for app licenses for their class. The form also includes text sections to indicate who will use the app and the reason for the request— to help minimize time-to-approval.

Restricted software management

Restricting certain software is a common desire among IT admins, especially when devices are deployed in sensitive or specialized use cases like government or education. Jamf Pro 10.14 delivers improvements to the backend architecture of our restricted software workflow, meaning you’ll enjoy more consistent and reliable performance when you restrict specific software.

Certificate issuer targeting

Advanced searches and Smart Groups are two powerful ways to tailor management commands and policies to certain sets of devices. With Jamf Pro 10.14, you can now key searches and Smart Groups off of certificate issuer data.

Itching to set a Smart Group for all devices using a specific certificate authority? Now you can.

SCCM 3.70.0

Finally, we released a new version of the System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Plug-in today. You can find more information about the new version and download a copy on Jamf Nation under My Assets.

Happy managing!

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