Introducing Jamf Security Lounge

In the inaugural session of Jamf Security Lounge, Aaron Webb, Jamf, and Fabio Viggiani, Truesec, talk about the top cybersecurity issues 2023 will bring, and how to defend against them.

March 2 2023 by

Hannah Hamilton

Want to learn more about the world of cybersecurity? Join us in our Jamf Security Lounge series, where Jamf security professionals and guest speakers will have fireside chats about a variety of security-related topics.

In the first session, Aaron Webb, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Jamf, and Fabio Viggiani, CTO at Truesec, discuss the 2023 threat landscape. Viggiani lists what he considers the top five threats that will permeate 2023:

  • Ransom attacks and one-day vulnerabilities
  • Attacks against cloud storage vendors
  • Business email attacks
  • DDoS attacks
  • Stolen credentials sold on the dark marketplace

Webb and Viggiani discuss into how organizations can structure their cybersecurity investments before diving into what cyber crime looks like. Viggiani predicts that the majority of attacks will be ransom based, whether that involves ransomware, threats to release stolen data, DDoS attacks or a combination of these. He also explains what a typical ransom attack looks like, including the methods, key players and timeline of compromise. Other common attacks involve compromised business emails and access harvesting campaigns via phishing, botnets or other methods.

Webb and Viggiani move on to how organizations can protect their networks and connections from threats, including:

  • Enforcing multiple layers of security when using BYOD programs
  • Hardening endpoints with EDR
  • Requiring strict identity verification before providing access to company resources
  • Prioritizing critical vulnerabilities and patches
  • Taking regular, non-writable and tested backups

Interested in learning more? Check out the recording from this session.

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