Jamf 100 Course 4.0: Here’s what’s new

Version 4.0 contains some key changes based on updates from Apple, Jamf and the Jamf Nation community’s feedback. Here’s what you can expect from the revamp.

August 13 2020 by

Kyle Schuler

This post was updated on August 13, 2020.

We’re very excited to announce version 4.0 of the Jamf 100 Course! The 100 is a self-paced introduction to Jamf Pro for new and existing IT professionals managing Apple Devices. This course offers enterprise-focused foundations for iOS, macOS, mobile device management and practices for succeeding with Apple. It combines video lectures, written instruction, practical exercises and resources for getting started with Jamf Pro — a powerful and comprehensive mobile device management solution.

Version 4.0 contains some key changes based on updates from Apple, Jamf and the Jamf Nation community’s feedback. Here’s what you can expect from the revamp:

We’ve reduced the overall length from 53 to 40 lessons. Many iOS and macOS features are configured similarly and Jamf Pro’s infrastructure can often affect both equally. This consolidation reduces redundancy and reflects the parallels when managing Apple’s platforms.

Some of Jamf Pro’s most influential features were missing from previous versions of the 100. Now we’re excited to introduce Advanced Searches, Smart Groups, and Policies to the curriculum.

A lot changed with macOS Catalina, iOS 13, and the ever-evolving Jamf Pro. We’re happy to introduce updated content suited to Apple’s latest operating systems, services like Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager, and their integration with Jamf Pro.

While our Jamf 100 Course designers love to talk, and we know you love to listen to them lesson after lesson, we wanted to diversify our delivery. Listen closely for the incredible talent our fellow Jamfs have contributed to the 100.

As mentioned above, we were able to identify some content that benefited from consolidation. In addition, we removed deprecated material and added instruction for some of Jamf Pro’s most powerful features. The 100 has been entirely restructured, rewritten, and rerecorded. Version 4.0 contains the following 8 sections:

Section 1: Overview - A brief introduction to the course.

Section 2: iOS Core Competencies - An exploration of iOS fundamentals — including Setup Assistant, navigating the interface, configuring settings, and managing apps locally.

Section 3: macOS Core Competencies - Addresses macOS fundamentals — completing Setup Assistant, navigating the interface, locating computer information, and an introduction to the command-line interface and scripting with Z shell.

Section 4: Jamf Pro Setup and Infrastructure - Defines mobile device management (MDM), explores Apple services like Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager, dives into Jamf Pro, and configures enrollment with Automated Device Enrollment and user-initiated enrollment.

Section 5: Device Management - Focused on device management in Jamf Pro, section 5 contains both simple and advanced searches, remote commands, static and smart groups, configuration profiles and app deployment.

Section 6: Computer Management - Similar to section 5, this section 6 covers simple and advanced searches, static and smart groups, configuration profiles, app deployment and includes three lessons on configuring and deploying policies.

Section 7: Conclusion - Reflect on what you’ve learned in this course and determine a path forward, whether that’s pursuing a Jamf Certified Associate certification or enrolling in our instructor-led Jamf 200 Course.

Section 8: Jamf Certified Associate Exam Preparation - Contains information about the exam, and a practice exam to test your knowledge before tackling the Jamf Certified Associate exam.

The world of mobile device management can often feel vast and intimidating. That’s why the Jamf 100 Course is designed to meet you where you are — whether you’ve never touched an Apple device before, or if you’re ready to start configuring and deploying management tasks. The lessons in this course build upon one another and follow a sequence, but if macOS and iOS are already familiar platforms, you may be prepared to jump right into later sections.

When you’re ready, the Jamf Certified Associate exam is available in English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. Passing the exam will validate you as a Jamf Certified Associate, and can be accessed from the Jamf 100 Course or directly on our website. The exam is open-note, open-book, and contains 60 multiple choice and true/false questions.

Our mission at Jamf is to help organizations succeed with Apple, and we hope this course will empower you to do just that. By continuing to listen to your feedback and update our course materials, we want to ensure that you can get the most from your Jamf solutions and Apple devices. Thank you for your continued support and feedback surrounding the Jamf 100 Course.

If you have any questions, feedback, suggestions, or need a little help along the way, please reach out to success@jamf.com. Thanks, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you in the Jamf 100 Course!

Ready to jump in? Explore the new course right away.

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