Jamf Parent App: New workflows for pediatric care.

With the release of Jamf Pro 10.32, Jamf Parent app is now available to support families with patients who are admitted to the hospital.

September 16 2021 by

Adam Mahmud

Healthcare Solutions

Technology supporting patients and providers

In the healthcare space, Jamf solutions like Virtual Visits have supported the social and care connectivity needs of patients and families, and workflows for clinical communications and have changed the experience for providers and staff.

For example, Jamf Healthcare Listener integrates Jamf Pro with electronic medical record (EMR) systems and automates the management of patient bedside devices. When Healthcare Listener receives HL7 ADT messages from an institution’s EMR system, like notice of discharge or transfer, it automatically triggers desired remote mobile device management (MDM) commands in Jamf Pro and can remote wipe, remote lock or execute other set actions for iOS and tvOS devices.

What this has meant to date is that hospital-owned iPad or Apple TV devices can be digitally sanitized between patients which alleviates the need for manual IT or care team intervention. Jamf developed this industry workflow back in 2016 and has worked with leading institutions like UC San Diego Health, Geisinger Health, UCHealth, and many others to deploy it at scale.

While Healthcare Listener has been used by leading hospitals around the globe, some systems have challenged us to think differently and explore how we can enhance this workflow even further for their specific patient populations.

In fact, much of how Jamf supports healthcare is based on the relationship we have with industry leaders to identify issues that need technological solutions just like this.

A leading pediatric hospital had a simple request:

"How we can use Jamf Parent alongside Jamf Healthcare Listener in a pediatric care setting? Wouldn’t it allow us to better serve the parents and families, so they have peace and mind about the CCHMC technology in their child’s hands — even from the comfort of home?"

We’re excited to say that we made this possible with Jamf Pro 10.32 and Jamf Parent.

We’re even more excited to empower parents with what they need to make their job, and their child’s experience, that much better!

"Being a parent myself, I know how important it is to allow your kids to use technology, but it is also important to be able to know what your kids are accessing and limit it. We're happy we were able to partner with Jamf to bring our vision for mobile screen time within a hospital setting. Jamf Parent means we can extend the power parents have in their child's care. Jamf Parent in pediatric healthcare is huge, and we cannot wait to offer this to our families!"

- Walter Dobbins Jr, Senior Administrator, Client Systems

Jamf Parent for Pediatric Care

Jamf Parent app and Jamf Pro shape the patient experience

Here’s how it works:

When logging in to Jamf Pro, an admin can find a new toggle switch within the Jamf Parent app settings:

"Revoke Jamf Parent Device Management Capabilities when Wiping or Re-enrolling Paired Devices"

Once this is setting is enabled, devices will be ready to be paired. On the patient device at the hospital, open the Self Service app and tap the Jamf Parent icon in the upper right-hand corner.

This action will load the QR code needed to pair Jamf Parent on the parent or guardian's personally-owned mobile device.

Next, launch Jamf Parent on the parent’s device, tap “scan QR button” and point the device’s camera at the QR code on the bedside iPad.

Once linked, Jamf Parent provides a number of ways for the parent to control how their child can use the device.

With Jamf Parent, you can:

— Restrict games, apps and social media, or set up rules that restrict social media use to certain periods of time throughout the day

— Create custom rules with the simple step-by-step wizard

— See a patient’s device name, current device storage utilization, device model and OS version

— Quickly lock an iOS device into one or several apps, eliminating distractions during study time

When the patient is transferred or discharged from the room, Healthcare Listener can automatically wipe the bedside iPad. In other scenarios, Jamf Reset can be used to manually wipe a bedside iPad.

Regardless of which solution is used to digitally sterilize a patient's device, when the new Jamf Parent setting in 10.32 is enabled, the parent’s remote management capabilities are automatically revoked when the device is wiped.

There you have it.

Jamf Parent for Healthcare provides a new way for parents and guardians to have limited, remote management capabilities of their child’s hospital-issued device during their hospital stay. And because of the integration with Healthcare Listener and Jamf Reset workflows, patient privacy and data and devices are secured.

This feature is available today for customers on Jamf Pro 10.32 and works with the Jamf Parent app for iOS and Android.

How to get started:

If you haven’t enabled Jamf Parent, check out our product documentation.

See what's possible for patients with Jamf.

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